Activated - - NEWS - By Heidi Dan­sholm

“Ev­ery­thing is fall­ing apart!” My out­burst came one day af­ter a visit to the Kurasini Or­phan­age in Dar es Salaam, Tan­za­nia, where our team of vol­un­teers has been work­ing with the staff to raise the chil­dren’s liv­ing stan­dard. We had be­gun by im­prov­ing san­i­ta­tion in the kitchen and dor­mi­to­ries, and some progress had been made. But it seemed that there were al­ways more things that needed to get done. As the to-do list grew, so did the list of needed ma­te­ri­als and sup­plies. There was also the mat­ter of fund­ing. How would we find enough spon­sors to help meet all of these needs?

We had been dis­cussing the project over din­ner when my mind flashed back to the state of the nurs­ery, and I felt over­whelmed with frus­tra­tion once again—hence my “Ev­ery­thing is fall­ing apart!” out­burst.

One of my col­leagues chuck­led and re­minded me of the dis­mal con­di­tion the or­phan­age had been in the first time we saw it. Then he listed the many changes that we had been able to make.

How fool­ish I felt! Yes, there was still much to do, but tak­ing a few min­utes to con­sider and ap­pre­ci­ate how far we had come helped put things in per­spec­tive. In­stead of feel­ing over­whelmed, I was over­joyed that so many changes had come to pass. Slowly but steadily, progress was be­ing made.

Then I heard God’s voice in my mind: Who is ul­ti­mately in con­trol?—I am! Who sees the sit­u­a­tion more clearly and knows bet­ter how to fix it, you or Me?—I do! Who has come through for you ev­ery time you faced an ‘im­pos­si­ble’ sit­u­a­tion in the past?—I have! The best thing you can do is to keep do­ing what you can day by day and keep pray­ing. Trust Me, things will fall into place in My time!

That was all I needed to hear. I felt a surge of en­ergy and re­newed de­ter­mi­na­tion. We would move for­ward with the things we could, tak­ing one thing at a time and leav­ing the rest in God’s hands. With God be­hind us, we could do this!

All of life is like that, of course. Many times the odds seem stacked against us, but if we’ll stop and step back for a mo­ment, we’ll see once again that God is there to help. In His hands, things don’t fall apart, they fall to­gether.

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