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Af­ter you have asked God for some­thing, take ac­tion. Act on your faith. Put feet to your prayers by tak­ing steps to­ward your goal.

When I was the pas­tor of a church in Wagoner, Ok­la­homa, there was a girl named Etta, who wanted very much to go to col­lege to pre­pare for Chris­tian ser­vice. For two years she prayed for money to pay her tu­ition. The sit­u­a­tion looked im­pos­si­ble.

She came to me in tears and much dis­cour­aged. I asked her if she knew that it was God’s will for her to go, and she an­swered that she was ab­so­lutely sure it was.

“Then I would cer­tainly not wait any longer,” I said. “You’ve been ask­ing God for the money for two years, but you have never shown by your ac­tions that you re­ally ex­pect Him to pro­vide it. If you re­ally be­lieved He was go­ing to an­swer your prayer and give you the funds you need, what would you do?”

“I’d get my clothes ready, write the school that I was com­ing, and make nec­es­sary ar­range­ments to wrap up my re­spon­si­bil­i­ties here,” Etta an­swered.

“Then that is ex­actly what I would do if I were you. Stand on His prom­ise and pre­pare, do as much as you can as if you had the money in your hand. If some­one you trust were to prom­ise you the money, you would be­lieve them, but God Him­self has al­ready promised in His Word, in Psalm 37:4, to give you the de­sire of your heart. Do you be­lieve Him?”

“I do! I’ll prove it! I’m go­ing home to pack my clothes and get ready. School opens in a very short time, and I’ll have to hurry.”

Etta never wa­vered from that mo­ment on. She went straight ahead with her prepa­ra­tions, pos­i­tive that the Bank of Heaven would open its win­dows at just the right time.

The day be­fore she was sup­posed to leave, she phoned me to say that her cloth­ing and other be­long­ings were all ready to pack, but she had no suit­case. Over the phone we claimed the Scrip­ture prom­ise, “God shall sup­ply all your need ac­cord­ing to His riches in glory.”

1 About an hour later a friend phoned me. She said she was clean­ing house and found a num­ber of things she didn’t need any longer and wanted to get rid of, in­clud­ing a large suit­case. She won­dered if I could use it.

“You’re fill­ing an or­der from heaven,” I said with a laugh, “only you have the wrong ad­dress. The

Lord wants the suit­case sent to Etta’s home.”

The next night a num­ber of us went to the train sta­tion to see Etta off to col­lege. “The money hasn’t come yet, so I haven’t been able to buy my ticket,” she whis­pered, “but I am not the least bit wor­ried. I ab­so­lutely know the Lord has heard my prayer and I know that I have what I asked Him for.”

2 I thought there must have been a mis­take some­where. Some mem­bers of the con­gre­ga­tion had told me they were tak­ing a col­lec­tion amongst them­selves to help Etta, but I didn’t know why she had not re­ceived the money.

Just then I heard the train whis­tle in the dis­tance and saw the glow of the head­light. Time was run­ning out. What could I say?

Sud­denly one of the peo­ple who had taken the col­lec­tion came run­ning up to us. “I was do­ing some work at the of­fice when I re­mem­bered the money the oth­ers had given me to give to Etta,” he said. “And here is some more—a gift from my wife and me.”

“And here is more,” said an­other friend who had also just ar­rived to see Etta off.

“All aboard!” called the con­duc­tor. “All aboard!”

“All aboard God’s prom­ises!” I said to Etta. “It pays to be­lieve, doesn’t it?”

“It’s won­der­ful,” she an­swered, “sim­ply won­der­ful, what faith can do!”

May he give you the de­sire of your heart and make all your plans suc­ceed.— — Psalm 20:4 NIV Above all else, know this: Be pre­pared at all times for the gifts of God and be ready al­ways for new ones. For God is a thou­sand times more ready to give than we are to re­ceive.— Meis­ter Eck­hart God never calls His peo­ple to ac­com­plish any­thing with­out promis­ing to sup­ply their ev­ery need. Charles R. Swin­doll (b. 1934) There is noth­ing God loves more than keep­ing prom­ises, an­swer­ing prayers, per­form­ing mir­a­cles, and ful­fill­ing dreams. That is who He is. That is what He does. And the big­ger the [prayer] cir­cle we draw, the bet­ter, be­cause God gets more glory. — Mark Bat­ter­son

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