Earthly Pos­ses­sions

Activated - - NEWS - Koos Stenger is a free­lance writer in the Nether­lands. By Koos Stenger

I have al­ways been a dog per­son. I grew up with dogs, and even later in life when my wife and I served as mis­sion­ar­ies, we felt a dog was a nec­es­sary ad­di­tion to our house­hold. So we got our­selves a puppy and a col­lar.

Not just any col­lar, but the best one we could find. In fact, when I would take him on walks in the morn­ing or ex­plore the fields to­gether at dusk, with his stain­less steel col­lar com­plete with a gold­col­ored name tag, he of­ten seemed bet­ter dressed than I was.

Un­for­tu­nately, it seemed the dog was bliss­fully un­aware of the fact that he wore an out­stand­ing col­lar and wasn’t in­ter­ested in pro­tect­ing his earthly pos­ses­sions. He lost it in the ocean. He loved to growl and bark at the foam and throw him­self into the waves that were five times as high as he was, only to swim back with a hu­mon­gous dog smile as if to say, I con­quered the sea, boss. Did you see it?

But one day, his col­lar was gone. Al­though it was frus­trat­ing, there wasn’t re­ally any­thing we could do, and since there was no pet shop nearby, we tied a rope around his brown neck. Un­til three days later. That day I was walk­ing along the beach to have quiet prayer time with God. There was no one on the beach, ex­cept an old fish­er­man, pre­par­ing his nets.

When he saw me he waved, and when I got closer, he cast me a tooth­less grin. His pierc­ing, blue eyes on his weather-wrin­kled face stud­ied me for a mo­ment. “Is this yours?”

He pulled some­thing from his pocket and showed it to me.

My mouth fell open. It was our dog’s col­lar.

“Found it while fish­ing,” he said. “Looks ex­pen­sive.”

“Yes, it is,” I said, flab­ber­gasted. “He lost it in the sea three days ago. Isn’t God good! He can take care of even the most in­signif­i­cant de­tails in life.”

“God,” the fish­er­man an­swered. “What’s He got to do with it?”

“Sit down,” I said, “and we’ll talk about it.”

And that day, while I found our dog’s col­lar, what that man found was friend­ship with Je­sus.

Once Je­sus is your friend, you can never lose Him. You can en­ter into this friend­ship by pray­ing: Dear Je­sus, please come into my life and be my friend for­ever. Help me find my way through life by read­ing Your Word and get­ting to know You, and help me to show love and kind­ness to oth­ers as You would. Amen.

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