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I would love it if the world were filled with joy­ous and godly laugh­ter: jolly, in­fec­tious, fes­tive, holy laugh­ter, the kind that spreads joy to the world! “Happy are the peo­ple whose God is the Lord!” I love to hear My peo­ple filled with joy,

1 and that joy be­ing man­i­fested in laugh­ter. It reaches up to Me like praise does. It is very like praise and is of­ten min­gled with praise. It is joy to the world, and a joy for Me to hear.

I am talk­ing about the laugh­ter that lifts spir­its and tran­scends the con­fines of the phys­i­cal world and fills the halls of heaven with joy­ous cel­e­bra­tion! Laugh­ter can lift the spir­its of hu­man­ity, and you all know how des­per­ate that need is.

So go into the high­ways and by­ways and bring oth­ers into My king­dom and cause them to burst forth in joy! Go into the places where peo­ple are lonely and spread laugh­ter and sun­shine. Go forth and make peo­ple laugh, and you will make My day! Let the earth be filled with laugh­ter! 1. Psalm 144:15

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