Activated - - NEWS - By Cur­tis Peter van Gorder Cur­tis Peter van Gorder is a scriptwriter and mime artist1 in Ger­many.

On a trip to at­tend my son’s wed­ding in the Philip­pines, I had the joy of rid­ing on a bangka boat, a Filipino ves­sel that looks like a cata­ma­ran and has a pon­toon on both sides, which gives it great sta­bil­ity. This sleek, swift, slen­der de­sign has been in use for thou­sands of years and con­tin­ues to be used ex­ten­sively to­day.

Sit­ting on the bow is ex­hil­a­rat­ing, as the boat splashes up and down, drench­ing you. Your feet dan­gle, skim­ming the waves as the boat tosses like an amuse­ment park ride.

Some of us on the boat pre­ferred to en­joy the ride sit­ting un­der the canopy in the stern, while the ad­ven­ture­some thrilled to the ex­pe­ri­ence of sea spray in their faces at the bow. Some young peo­ple stood like surfers on the front deck and tried to bal­ance there as the waves heaved us up and down.

When we got to our des­ti­na­tion of a fish sanc­tu­ary, some of us were con­tent to bask on the deck, soak up sun rays, en­joy a good book, or just watch the day go by slowly.

Oth­ers dived off our safe haven into an­other di­men­sion, to snorkel among the rich marine life that in­hab­ited the coral. Blue starfish lay on the white sandy bot­tom. Schools of small flu­o­res­cent fish ate donuts right out of our hands. A clown fish nib­bled on my foot in a friendly fash­ion. Myr­iad fish darted in and out of vi­brantly col­or­ful coral. To see all of this was worth the trip half­way around the world.

Per­haps you’re like those who en­joy the se­cu­rity of the cabin, or maybe you’re one of those who want the ex­cite­ment of the bow—ei­ther way, life is an ad­ven­ture when God is your Cap­tain. We who be­lieve in Him have a spe­cial bond of fel­low­ship—we are fel­lows on the same ship, bound for the same port.

God also has a lot of plea­sures for us to en­joy as we delve into the wa­ters of His Word, where there are marvels that even the most in­cred­i­ble, oth­er­worldly un­der­wa­ter scenes can only mimic. When we ven­ture into His ter­ri­tory and fol­low the path He’s laid out in His Word, we won’t be dis­ap­pointed.

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