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WE’D ALL LOVE TO SPEAK a second language. But few of us have the time or inclinatio­n to go back to the classroom. The solution? Learn the lingo while you’re on holiday.

That’s the idea behind Provence-based language-teaching programme Live and Learn. Based in a small town just east of Marseilles, it offers homestay French courses with the emphasis on learning the language through leisure, sport, touristic and cultural activities, rather than hours spent in the classroom.

This one-woman outfit was set up last year by language teacher Brigitte Miramont. She offers week-long stays at her home on the Provence coast, tailored to the interests of her guests. “You want to play tennis or golf?” she suggests. “You want to go horse-riding, surfing, boating? You’re interested in history, nature, shopping, arts, music, food and wine? How about a cooking class?”

Crucially, Miramont appreciate­s that tourists have no desire to spend precious holiday time in a classroom. For that reason, she prefers to teach through activities and conversati­on. “Immersion holiday” is how she describes it. “Teaching should be individual­ised. Personal motivation is the driving force for all learning.”

She says she’s always on the lookout for activities out of the ordinary. “A sunset hike into the Calanques to pop a bottle of champagne, maybe?” she suggests.

 ??  ?? Brigitte Miramont, founder of language school Live and Learn
Brigitte Miramont, founder of language school Live and Learn

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