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I recently flew back from JFK into London Gatwick in Club World, and as a Gold Card holder I fully expected there to be an arrivals lounge, and so I declined breakfast on the flight. I also intended to have a shower, just as I always do when landing at LHR from a long-haul flight. So I was surprised to find that no such arrivals lounge exists.

Last week I flew to Malta at 6.50am from Gatwick, and at 5am was shocked to see a very long queue to get into the BA Club departures lounge at South Terminal, which didn’t open until 5.15am. I was also looking forward to a full English breakfast in the First lounge, but was even more shocked to find this wouldn’t be opening until 7am, after my flight had left. The BA staff were very apologetic and said I could have a bacon roll in the Club lounge.

I always knew that when it came to BA, LGW was the poor relation of LHR, but these two flights have put me off using LGW again.

I love the new lounges at LGW, but wish BA opened them at times that correspond to its flight schedules.

Martin Clark, London

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