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THIS MAY BE THE WORLD’S LARGEST IS­LAND but only 56,000 souls re­side here, all cling­ing to the coastal towns be­cause three­quar­ters of the land mass is per­ma­nently cov­ered in an ice sheet. Nuuk, the cap­i­tal, is home to one-third of the pop­u­la­tion. Green­land is the only coun­try in the Amer­i­cas where the na­tive lan­guage is spo­ken more widely than the lan­guage of the colonists, as speak­ers of Green­landic – an Inuit lan­guage – out­num­ber speak­ers of Dan­ish.

Few tourists visit. Those that do come for the snow sports, out­door ac­tiv­i­ties, North­ern Lights, ice­bergs, whale spot­ting or to see other wildlife. In­ter­na­tional flights ar­rive at the coun­try’s main Kanger­lus­suaq Air­port from ei­ther Den­mark or Ice­land. You then need in­ter­nal flights or a boat to get around.

In 1985 Green­land ex­ited the EEC (an ear­lier ver­sion of the Euro­pean Union), upset about fish­ing reg­u­la­tions and a ban on seal skins. Life car­ried on nor­mally. (Ex­cept for the seals.)

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