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I no longer travel ex­ten­sively on busi­ness, but I have been a British Air­ways Gold card holder for many years. Al­though I have ac­cu­mu­lated slightly more than 90 per cent of the tier points nec­es­sary to be awarded a life­time Gold card, I was quite re­laxed about the sit­u­a­tion be­cause British Air­ways quite clearly states on its web­site that all flights are taken into ac­count from the date you joined the Ex­ec­u­tive Club.

I joined the then Ex­ec­u­tive Club in 1980, nine years be­fore BA started al­lo­cat­ing and record­ing points. The web­site makes no dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion, there­fore I as­sumed that I would be cred­ited with the nu­mer­ous flights, es­pe­cially to the US and Far East, dur­ing those early nine years.

I have spo­ken nu­mer­ous times to the Ex­ec­u­tive Club and it ap­pears they have uni­lat­er­ally de­cided that there was no such thing as the Ex­ec­u­tive Club be­fore 1989, but there was – as I am sure many fel­low read­ers will re­mem­ber.

I even­tu­ally re­ceived an email from the Ex­ec­u­tive Club stat­ing: “Flights taken un­der the pre­vi­ous scheme be­fore it be­came the Ex­ec­u­tive Club did not earn any points”. What pre­vi­ous scheme?

Chang­ing the rules should not be a rea­son for BA to dis­crim­i­nate against its loyal cus­tomers es­pe­cially as its web­site clearly states: “Life­time tier points are the cu­mu­la­tive to­tal tier points a mem­ber has earned since join­ing the Ex­ec­u­tive Club.”

I joined in 1980, when we had to pay for mem­ber­ship. There is no ex­clu­sion or qual­i­fi­ca­tion in BA’s rules that should pre­vent me be­ing cred­ited for travel dur­ing the early years of my mem­ber­ship. In fact, there was an ar­ti­cle in Busi­ness Trav­eller in Septem­ber 2013 stat­ing that “in ad­di­tion to an­nual tier points, mem­bers will be re­warded for the points they have built up over their en­tire mem­ber­ship”.

Loy­alty should work both ways, and I would ask BA to do the right thing.

Charles M Hog­a­rth, Selkirk, Scot­land

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