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There are two pri­mary air­ports serv­ing the Ja­panese cap­i­tal. Narita In­ter­na­tional air­port (NRT) is the main in­ter­na­tional air­port, lo­cated 60km east of the city cen­tre. The much-closer Haneda In­ter­na­tional air­port (HND), roughly 20km from the city cen­tre, is the pri­mary do­mes­tic hub, but also caters for in­ter­na­tional flights.

Here’s an overview of the many trans­port op­tions from both air­ports to the city cen­tre, and how to con­nect be­tween the two air­ports.

NARITA→CITY CEN­TRE RAIL Sky­liner (Kei­sei Elec­tric Rail­way)

This is the fastest op­tion, reach­ing Nip­pori sta­tion in the city cen­tre in 36 min­utes, or Ueno in 41 min­utes. Trains run reg­u­larly from 7.26am un­til 10.30pm, de­part­ing from the base­ment floor of Ter­mi­nal 1 and 2. A one-way ticket costs ¥2,470/£16.70 (kei­

Narita Ex­press

The N’EX will de­liver trav­ellers to Tokyo sta­tion in 53 min­utes. Ser­vices from 9.15am to 9.44pm are di­rect, while morn­ing trains from 7.44am un­til 8.50am have four ad­di­tional stops be­fore reach­ing Tokyo sta­tion. Pas­sen­gers can also go on to Ofuna, Takao and Ike­bukuro in a fur­ther 30 min­utes. One-way tick­ets cost ¥3,020/£20.44 (

BUSES Tokyo Shut­tle

The quick­est bus op­tion takes around 60 min­utes to reach Tokyo sta­tion (de­pend­ing on traf­fic), op­er­at­ing ev­ery 20 min­utes from 5.55am un­til 11.10pm. Board­ing points for the re­spec­tive ter­mi­nals are as fol­lows: T1 bus stop 31; T2 bus stop 2 or 19; T3 bus stop 2. One-way tick­ets cost ¥1,000/£6.76 or ¥900/£6.09 for ad­vance pur­chase on­line (kei­

The Ac­cess Narita

This ser­vice also takes around an hour to travel from Narita air­port to Tokyo and Ginza sta­tions, with buses run­ning from 7.25am un­til 9.05pm. Con­ve­niently, you can pur­chase a ticket on board for ¥1,000/ £6.76 or at the bus tick­et­ing counter at T3. Board­ing points are the same as those for the Tokyo Shut­tle (ac­cess­


Tak­ing a taxi is a much more ex­pen­sive op­tion. A fixed fare ap­plies to pas­sen­gers who choose to travel via ex­press­way, start­ing at ¥16,000/£108 from Zone A des­ti­na­tions to Zone F at ¥26,500/£179 – re­gard­less of traf­fic. Non-ex­press­way routes are sub­ject to the me­ter, which can run to £230. An ad­di­tional sur­charge is added for late-night and early-morn­ing travel or routes via the Aqua-Line.


The fastest train to Shi­na­gawa sta­tion in the city is the Air­port Lim­ited Ex­press, which takes 11 min­utes with a ticket price of ¥410/£2.78, be­fore go­ing on to con­nect with other main metro lines in the city. Board­ing com­mences from plat­form B2 and ser­vices run from 5.26am un­til 2.02am (haneda-tokyo-ac­

Mono­rail Line

The mono­rail trav­els from Haneda to Ha­ma­mat­su­cho in 13 min­utes, where you can change to the Ya­man­ote Line to reach other des­ti­na­tions in the city. Tick­ets cost ¥500/£3.38. The mono­rail runs from 5.17am un­til 12.10am and the board­ing point is lo­cated on the third f loor of the de­par­ture area (tokyo-mono­


A range of dif­fer­ent bus com­pa­nies – such as Air­port Trans­port Ser­vice Co Ltd and Haneda Keikyu Bus Co Ltd – of­fer routes to var­i­ous points in the city cen­tre. Op­er­a­tion times vary, with late-night bus ser­vices also avail­able. Tick­ets can be pur­chased on the bus, at the sales coun­ters or at ticket ma­chines. Prices vary: for ex­am­ple the Keikyu Bus costs ¥1,030/£6.97 for a one-way, one-hour jour­ney to Shibuya; while the Air­port Limou­sine to Shin­juku costs ¥1,230/£8.33. All bus de­par­ture points are lo­cated on the first floor of the air­port.


Like Narita, a fixed fare ap­plies to Haneda pas­sen­gers. The fare is charged ac­cord­ing to the fi­nal des­ti­na­tion’s re­gion: jour­neys to Edo­gawa-ku cost ¥7,000/£47.40, while jour­neys to Mi­taka-shi cost ¥10,600/£71.83.


There are two con­ve­nient op­tions to travel be­tween the two air­ports for on­ward flights.

Air­port Shut­tle

The ap­prox­i­mately 80-minute bus jour­ney costs ¥3,100/£21 (

Keikyu Line

Trans­fer­ring be­tween air­ports via train (on the Tokyo Metro and Kei­sei lines) can take be­tween 90 and 115 min­utes, with be­tween one to three changes, and costs from ¥1,760/£11.92.

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