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Keen to hear peo­ple’s views. Is sleep­ing prone on the sofa in BA’s Con­corde Room (like you would in the pri­vacy of your own liv­ing room) ap­pro­pri­ate or sim­ply low-class and tacky?


I find it as dis­cour­te­ous as peo­ple block­ing seats with bags in lounges and gate ar­eas.


I would con­sider it in­ap­pro­pri­ate, but just imag­ine if that per­son had been fly­ing for 24 hours and pos­si­bly hadn’t slept be­fore board­ing, is not feel­ing well and has got to the stage of no longer car­ing, so de­cided to have 40 winks stretched out. Haven’t most of us been there at some point? Un­less he’s tak­ing up seat­ing space that other peo­ple need, I would not let it upset me.

What to me is far more in­ap­pro­pri­ate is see­ing peo­ple scoop­ing up food, canapés, bis­cuits, fruit and so on, and shov­el­ling it into a bag. I even saw some­one fill­ing up a small bot­tle with whisky and putting it into his bag.


Sorry to dis­agree with you on this: I have been there many times, but would never lie prone on a sofa in an air­port lounge – a lounge is not my ho­tel room or liv­ing room.

CAPETONIANM, you also de­scribed as in­ap­pro­pri­ate peo­ple “scoop­ing up food, canapés, bis­cuits, fruit and so on, and shov­el­ling it into a bag” – there, I agree with you. I was once in the BA Gal­leries lounge at Heathrow T5 and was ut­terly amazed to see a guy, in full view of ev­ery­one, fill­ing up his ruck­sack with can BUSI­NESSTRAV­ELLER.COM/FO­RUM

af­ter can of drinks, then ex­it­ing the lounge – words fail me.


I wouldn’t call it low class as I’ve seen peo­ple of all classes do this in many lo­ca­tions around the world. What does dis­tress me is where you have a typ­i­cal ar­range­ment of sofa, two arm­chairs and a ta­ble, with a per­son full out on the sofa and their bag and lap­top oc­cu­py­ing both arm­chairs in a crowded lounge. The lack of con­sid­er­a­tion of some of my fel­low trav­ellers never ceases to amaze me!


Does the Con­corde Room not have a re­lax­ation area with loungers or daybeds?

BA needs to take a look at the Cathay Pa­cific first class lounges in Hong Kong if it wants to know how to treat pre­mium pas­sen­gers prop­erly!

Mind you, most peo­ple wouldn’t share a sofa with a stranger so, whether he was ly­ing on it or sit­ting on it, he is ef­fec­tively block­ing other peo­ple from us­ing it any­way. Why do so many solo trav­ellers make a bee­line for a sofa or a group of four chairs that could be used by col­leagues trav­el­ling to­gether or by a fam­ily? I have lost count of the num­ber of times we have had our fam­ily sit apart from each other in lounges be­cause we sim­ply can’t get four seats to­gether. Gr­rrrr.

On the sub­ject of loot­ers, a year or so ago I was in the AA ar­rivals lounge in LHR and saw a woman loot ev­ery mini-bot­tle of cham­pagne from the fridges and put them in her hand­bag. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she didn’t even bother to shut the fridge doors! So I made some rather sar­cas­tic com­ment about how if she was go­ing to steal things she could at least have the de­cency to shut the doors so that what she left be­hind would re­main cold. To my mo­men­tary em­bar­rass­ment, when she swung around (she had had her back to me), I re­alised she used to work for me! Ah well. I never liked her any­way!

Un­sur­pris­ingly, AA no longer keeps cham­pagne in its fridges, and you now have to ask for it. Just an­other lit­tle dis­ser­vice caused by greedy and self­ish pas­sen­gers and, in this case, I know ex­actly who it was!

I saw a woman loot ev­ery mini-bot­tle of cham­pagne from the fridges and put them in her hand­bag


So what do peo­ple sug­gest if you are in the lounge with a long stopover, badly de­layed flight or a se­ri­ous case of post-red-eye fa­tigue? Should you de­camp to the pub­lic con­course where sleep­ing across seats is quite com­mon? I might be less for­giv­ing if some­one was stretched out read­ing a book in a busy lounge, but if they are power-nap­ping, surely we’ve all been there of­ten enough on our own busy trav­els to cut them some slack – they have, af­ter all, paid for a lie-flat bed with their ticket.


IANFROMHKG, apart from the small num­ber of book­able ca­banas, that’s right, the F Lounge has none, so you can’t blame knack­ered trav­ellers for mak­ing them­selves com­fort­able and sleep­ing, in my opin­ion.

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