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Qan­tas started fly­ing this route in March 2018. At 14,500km, this is the third long­est com­mer­cial flight in op­er­a­tion and the first sched­uled non­stop be­tween the UK and Aus­tralia.

Busi­ness class is spread over two cab­ins in a con­fig­u­ra­tion of 1-2-1 (A-EF-K). The seat is a Thomp­son aerospace seat with a 46 inch seat pitch, 80 inch bed seat length and ei­ther a 23-24 inch seat width or a 24-25 bed width. The seat­ing con­fig­u­ra­tion al­lows di­rect aisle ac­cess to ev­ery pas­sen­ger. When the seat is fully re­clined the feet of the pas­sen­ger move un­der the side ta­ble of the seat in front. The win­dow seats are ei­ther close to the win­dow or slightly fur­ther away and closer to the aisle.

The seat has sev­eral pre-sets, and there are two op­tions for take-off and land­ing mean­ing you don’t have to be com­pletely up­right, which adds to com­fort. I imag­ine this is be­cause of the shoul­der strap as well as the waist strap for safety (which you only have to wear for take­off and land­ing).

The seat has lots of stor­age space and has a good size arm rest on both sides. The cen­tre seats have a di­vider, which is up but can be low­ered if you want to chat to the pas­sen­ger in the neigh­bour­ing seat. There is more stor­age un­der the side ta­bles. There is a sin­gle wash­room at the front and two wash­rooms at the rear be­tween the two busi­ness class cab­ins.

My jacket was hung up and I was of­fered a drink – wa­ter or cham­pagne. Amenity bags with flight socks, eye mask, ear plugs and tooth­brush and tooth­paste were of­fered, along with very com­fort­able py­ja­mas.

There was a good se­lec­tion of films for the in-flight en­ter­tain­ment. There is no wifi on board and the video news didn’t work.

Meal or­ders were taken quickly – be­fore the drinks or­ders, and ser­vice seemed a lit­tle quicker be­cause of that, with the food be­ing pre­pared while drinks were of­fered.

The ser­vice was ex­tremely good – friendly, in­for­ma­tive and ea­ger to help. The meal started with a sig­na­ture cock­tail and a canapé of ar­ma­cino with shi­take mush­room – very nice.

I worked for a while and then re­clined the bed to sleep. the bed was very com­fort­able, if a lit­tle nar­row com­pared to the very best busi­ness class beds, and the footwell a lit­tle tight when turn­ing over, but I had no prob­lem sleep­ing for six hours.

I woke about three hours be­fore land­ing. Break­fast was served about two-and-a-half hours be­fore land­ing. Be­fore that I was of­fered cold­pressed melon juice and a choice of cof­fees.

The break­fast was ex­cel­lent – I had cold­pressed green juice with kale, sil­ver­beet, cel­ery, ap­ple, cu­cum­ber and lemon, and macadamia toasted muesli with cran­ber­ries.

The on­board ser­vice was among the best I’ve ex­pe­ri­enced, and the cabin and seat are ex­tremely com­fort­able. I hope this route is suc­cess­ful – it makes Perth seem much closer.

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