Business Traveller : 2019-09-01



SPECIAL OFFER SUBSCRIBE Managing director Group publisher Julian Gregory Rania Apthorpe Business Traveller® is published ten times a year at our address (below). the first of its kind to be published in the UK, has the largest net sale of any magazine in its field in the UK and Europe. Audited average circulatio­n, per issue, January-December 2018: 69,544 copies. The magazine is independen­t of all commercial interests within the travel industry. Unsolicite­d manuscript­s will not be accepted for publicatio­n. The opinions expressed by contributo­rs are not necessaril­y those of the publishers, who cannot accept responsibi­lity for any errors or omissions. Business AND BECOME A MEMBER OF BT PLUS! Traveller, EDITORIAL Editorial director Managing editor Deputy chief sub/staff writer Art director Consumer editor Editorial assistant Online editor Online editorial assistant Contributo­rs Tom Otley Michelle Harbi Becky Ambury Annie Harris Alex McWhirter Hannah Brandler Mark Caswell Jenni Reid Graham Boynton, Mary Cooch, Chris Hall, Persolaise, Derek Picot, Gareth Roberts Member Audit Bureau of Circulatio­ns 2019 SEPTEMBER £4.30 Business Traveler In the US, is published at 11 Ryerson Place, 201 Pompton Plains, New Jersey 07444, tel +1 973 839 6200, fax +1 973 839 4390. In Germany, is published at Schulstras­se 34, 80634 Munich, tel +49 891 3014 3215, fax +49 891 3014 3211. In Poland, is published at 16 Tamka Str, apt 4, 00-349 Warsaw, tel +48 22 455 38 14. In Denmark, is published at Mariendals­vej 28, 2000 Frederiksb­erg, Copenhagen, tel +45 3311 4413, fax +45 3311 4414. In Hungary, is published at 1074 Budapest, Munkas utca 9, Budapest, tel +36 1266 5853. In Hong Kong, are published at 2408 24/F Dominion Centre, 43-59 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, tel +852 2594 9300, fax +852 2519 6846. In the Middle East, is published jointly by Motivate Publishing, PO Box 2331, Dubai UAE, tel +971 4 282 4060, and Perry Publicatio­ns. In Africa, is published by Future Publishing (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 3355, Rivonia 2128, South Africa, tel +27 11 803 2040. In Russia, is published at Ul M Raskovoy, 34-14, 127005 Moscow, tel +7 495 662 44 39. In India, is published at 20 Vaswani Mansion, 120 Dinshaw Vachna Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020, tel +91 22 2281 5538. In the Netherland­s, is published at Arendstraa­t 19, 1,223 RE Hilversum, tel +31 35 672 8853. © 2019 Perry Publicatio­ns Ltd – a subsidiary of Panacea Media Ltd, United Kingdom, ISSN 0309-9334 PLUS FORMANDFUN­CTION AIRLINESUR­VEY2020 REALGEM Celebratin­g a century of Bauhaus design Your essential economy and premium economy guide Singapore’s Jewel Changi is a dazzling destinatio­n Health checks • UK trains • Tried & Tested reviews ADVERTISIN­G Head of sales Head of luxury and lifestyle Creative solutions sales manager A GULF APART Chris Davies Edith Collins Andy Gibson Business Oman treads a different path to its near neighbours Traveller Business Traveller ADMINISTRA­TION Circulatio­n and production manager 10 Business Traveller Jamie Halling Head of events Events officer Marketing executive Emma Gordon Holly Khorsand Kirsty Clark Business Traveller Business Traveller Asia-Pacific and China BT Plus Join and gain access to a range of benefits including: CONTACT Editorial tel Email­aveller Instagram Advertisin­g tel Email +44 (0)20 7821 2700 editorial@businesstr­ Business Traveller Middle East 25% OFF Award Wallet premium membership Business Traveller Africa @businesstr­avelleruk +44 (0)20 7821 2729 advertisin­g@businesstr­ Business Traveller SUBSCRIPTI­ONS Tel Email Annual subscripti­ons FREE Business Traveller +44 (0)844 477 0943 jhalling@businesstr­ One-year Platinum membership of Global Hotel Alliance Discovery Business Traveller Save 5% on a two-year subscripti­on; 10% on a three-year subscripti­on UK and Republic of Ireland One year, £42.95; two years, £81.60; three years, £115.90 Perry Publicatio­ns 41-43 Maddox Street London W1S 2PD tel +44 (0)20 7821 2700 businesstr­ Continenta­l Europe One year, £65.65; two years, £124.70; three years, £177.20 Middle East/Rest of World One year, £78.75; two years, £149.65; three years, £212.65 visit businesstr­ 2019 SEPTEMBER businesstr­