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The Ap­ple Watch has landed – is it for watch fans?

It’s sur­pris­ing that Ap­ple opted to in­clude a tra­di­tional crown as the main op­er­at­ing tool, but is this re­ally the fu­ture? It’s not re­ally a watch in the true func­tional sense. No one would ever buy one of th­ese be­cause they wanted to know the time. It’s an elec­tronic gad­get… not a time­piece.

What’s the best fea­ture?

You could use it as a re­mote con­trol for Ap­ple TV… but chang­ing chan­nel with your wrist might be un­com­fort­able and look stupid. Ap­ple TV re­motes work fine also. So maybe the fact that you can mod­ify Emoji icons. You could make some amus­ing or sin­is­ter new de­signs. That would get bor­ing quite rapidly though. Then let's say the fact you can mon­i­tor your health with it, thanks to all the built in sen­sors.

Who will be the typ­i­cal end cus­tomer?

Health and fit­ness fans will love it. Lots of peo­ple will be seen wear­ing this in the gym or out run­ning. Gad­get geeks will also have to buy it. And the Ap­ple ob­sessed – the de­voted Ap­ple dis­ci­ples who up­grade their iPhone ev­ery year, have an iPad, an iTouch, an iPods, an iShuf­fle and an old iMac …

Will it ef­fect the watch in­dus­try?

The Ap­ple watch is about as much threat to the watch in­dus­try as Ap­ple pie. Any­one with a sense of sar­to­rial style, or even just a smidgen of so­phis­ti­ca­tion, would not be in­ter­ested in this. The main point here is that peo­ple who ad­mire real wrist­watches are pre­pared to pay for them. The Ap­ple Watch is ex­pen­sive at 400 euros… but a watch fan will pay any­thing from a few thou­sand euros to a few mil­lion for the right time­piece.

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