Patek Philippe An­nual Cal­en­dar Chrono

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When is a Patek not a Patek? When it’s an An­nual Cal­en­dar Chrono. Or the Ref: 5960.1A, as the company prefers to mem­o­rably call it. How so, you might ask? Well, the 5960.1A is about as far as the es­teemed watch­maker has strayed (Nau­tilus and Aqua­naut col­lec­tions aside) from its clas­sic, dressy aes­thetic as it has dared to in decades, with a mod­ern dial in­cor­po­rat­ing sporty flashes of colour and an em­pha­sis on leg­i­bil­ity. And, what’s more, it’s in steel. That is what the A for ‘acier’ in its snappy name stands for. In­deed, this steel ver­sion of a de­sign first launched in 2006 will re­place all cur­rent gold and plat­inum ones (so col­lec­tors might well grab one of those while they can). It is, then, some­thing of a know­ing throw­back to 1976, when the age-old fam­ily company in­tro­duced its first steel watch with the line “One of the world’s most ex­pen­sive watches is made of steel” – yes, it is so old, and the times so dif­fer­ent – the company was then un­abashedly brag­ging about how much its watches cost, rather than what lovely heir­looms they would make. Of course, Patek is keen to stress that pro­duc­ing a steel case that is up to their stan­dards is no walkover. In fact, it says that it takes much longer to pol­ish a steel case with con­sec­u­tively finer abra­sives – to get the right re­flec­tion – than it does a gold case. But never mind th­ese sup­pos­edly nec­es­sary claims to high craft, just look at the watch. Patek Philippe is wel­come to the 21st cen­tury.

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