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Never has a watch looked so much like a sun­dial, nor so cool for it. Christophe Claret has con­structed this piece in trib­ute to the epony­mous an­cient cap­i­tal of Ro­man Hel­ve­tia, an an­cient re­gion of Europe lo­cated be­tween the Alps and the Jura moun­tains in the West of what is now mod­ern Switzer­land, draw­ing de­sign in­spi­ra­tion from dif­fer­ent facets of Ro­man art. The os­cil­lat­ing weight, for ex­am­ple, is dec­o­rated with five rac­ing char­i­ots. Many trea­sures have been ex­ca­vated from the site since it was dis­cov­ered, one of which was a solid gold bust of Mar­cus Aure­lius, the famed Ro­man em­peror. You can see it here: a tow­er­ing replica 3mm high found at the cen­tre of the dial mag­i­cally mag­ni­fied us­ing a mi­ras­cope. That’s right, a mi­ras­cope, a smoke and mir­rors trick so clever that it makes the bust ap­pear twice its ac­tual size. Two par­a­bolic mir­rors are stacked up with a hole in the cen­tre of the up­per­most and the ob­ject placed on the bot­tom. Re­flected light makes the bust ap­pear to project from the watch like a holo­gram. Red Dwarf eat your heart out! Avail­able in pink gold, of course, (limited to 68 pieces) and white gold (38 pieces).

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