The Na­tional Geo­graphic En­durance takes a po­lar plunge into un­ex­plored ter­ri­tory.

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IN 1914, PO­LAR EX­PLORER ERNEST Shack­le­ton at­tempted to make the first land cross­ing of the Antarc­tic con­ti­nent on his ves­sel, the aptly named En­durance. The jour­ney was rec­og­nized as the last epic feat in the Heroic Age of Antarc­tic Ex­plo­ration.

More than 100 years later, Lind­blad Ex­pe­di­tions-Na­tional Geo­graph­ics un­veils the name­sake and a new age of arc­tic ex­pe­di­tion­ing in the Na­tional Geo­graphic En­durance.

Her in­no­va­tive de­sign fea­tures a X-BOW® that slices through waves and the high­est ice rat­ing of any pas­sen­ger ves­sel ever built, per­fectly con­structed to tra­verse po­lar wa­ters year-round. The ship’s fu­tur­is­tic fea­tures aren’t merely safety pre­cau­tions — they’re means of ex­plor­ing.

Dis­cover a hid­den world of tiny or­gan­isms, the build­ing blocks of the marine ecosys­tem, at 80x mag­ni­fi­ca­tion with a video mi­cro­scope. On­board nat­u­ral­ists will ex­plain each el­e­ment of the harsh en­vi­ron­ment giving on­look­ers a new ap­pre­ci­a­tion for an oth­er­wise un­ob­serv­able world. On a much larger scale, un­der­wa­ter hy­drophones trans­mit haunt­ing sounds of the deep through the ship’s PA sys­tem in real time, am­pli­fy­ing the pres­ence of marine life all around.

“We are very very fo­cused on the in­ter­sec­tion of travel and sci­ence,” says Sven Lind­blad, CEO & Pres­i­dent of Lind­lad Ex­pe­di­tions, “This will be a plat­form for gath­er­ing sci­ence that I be­lieve and we all be­lieve will be ex­tremely valu­able in in­creas­ing our knowl­edge of the world and all that is in it.”

The En­durance is set to sail in early 2020 with a lineup of itin­er­ar­ies as di­verse and en­rich­ing as the ros­ter of ex­perts aboard, from the ice-sculpted shores of Green­land to the sub-Antarc­tic is­lands of New Zea­land and Aus­tralia.

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