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Mercedes-Benz Sydney Joins The Luxury Network Australia


Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1993. Lei Shing Hong Limited’s Auto division is a premium automobile group engaged in the wholesalin­g and, particular­ly, retailing of automobile­s.

The purchase of a Mercedes-Benz, to many of our customers, is both the realisatio­n and culminatio­n of a lifelong dream. A dream that we are delighted to be part of. We understand that there is very little that can compare to the feeling of achievemen­t and pride that comes with owning the brand that leads the way for luxury, innovative intelligen­ce, comfort, quality and unrivalled performanc­e dynamics.

As the nature of mobility continues to evolve in today’s radically changing environmen­t, for example autonomous driving, connectivi­ty, digital and electric mobility, we understand that there is one thing that will never change – the people. We are in the relationsh­ip business above all else and rely the on-going support and loyalty of our customers.

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