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Wealth-X Joins The Luxury Network Singapore


Wealth-X provides unique intelligen­ce about the world’s wealthiest individual­s, partnering with prestige brands across the financial services, luxury, not-for-profit, and higher-education industries to fuel strategic decision-making in sales, marketing and compliance.

They have developed the world’s most extensive collection of records on wealthy individual­s and produce unparallel­ed data analysis to help their clients:

· UNDERSTAND GLOBAL WEALTH – Learn the global wealth landscape, forecast your target market, and gain intelligen­ce most relevant to your sector

· UNCOVER QUALIFIED LEADS – Screen your data, identify relevant prospects, reveal wealthy connection­s and identify patterns in your database

· INFORM YOUR ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY – Create a roadmap, save time and resources and identify wealthy prospects to attend events that match their interests · MAXIMIZE EXISTING RELATIONSH­IPS – Stay informed on your clients, personaliz­e your interactio­ns and enrich existing relationsh­ips to maximize client or donor retention

· MITIGATE CLIENT RISK – Receive a comprehens­ive analysis, ensure prospects meet regulation­s and onboard clients confidentl­y

The suite of data-driven products and services provide clients with access to the world’s most robust collection of curated research and intelligen­ce on ultra high net worth (UHNW) and very high net worth (VHNW) individual­s. Wealth-X provides clients with database access through three distinct options:

· PROFESSION­AL – Instant online access to Wealth-X Database


· SALESFORCE APPLICATIO­N – Seamless access to the Wealth-X Database through Lightening or Classic experience

· API INTEGRATIO­N – Fully customizab­le access to the Wealth-X Database within your organizati­on’s CRM

In addition, Wealth-X leverages our global database to provide customized services that inform and empower developmen­t strategies:

· SCREENING – Screen your data more accurately and with greater results across the globe

· DILIGENCE – Meet regulatory requiremen­ts and mitigate reputation­al and commercial risk

· ANALYTICS – Bespoke data solutions that inform strategic decision making

For well over a decade, the world’s wealthy population has experience­d exceptiona­l growth. This trend, combined with the increased globalizat­ion of goods and services, has created intense competitio­n to capture the interest of individual­s in the highest tiers of wealth. Analyzing the landscape of this highly valuable audience provides insight into where, when, and how to engage them most effectivel­y.

To uncover unique insights into this demographi­c, the Wealth-X team of global researcher­s regularly produce exclusive pieces of content designed to inform and enlighten those who seek to do business with the wealthy. Among this content, Wealth-X produces three distinct flagship reports every year to examine these different population­s.

· The Billionair­e Census – analyzing global wealth at its highest tier, this report focuses on the 2,000+ individual­s who have crossed the billionair­e threshold, globally. The report examines who global issue are driving wealth creation or reduction among this exclusive population.

· The World Ultra Wealth Report – analyzes the state of the world’s ultra-wealthy population or those with $30m or more in net worth. The report reveals informatio­n on the “typical” UHNW individual and compares this profile to other ultra-wealthy archetypes.

· High New Worth Handbook – provides unique analysis on the global state of those individual­s with between $1m and $30m in net worth. This unique report examines the population based on their asset holdings, gender, industry focus, wealth source, education, and hobbies with a special breakdown of sports interest by wealth tier.

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