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Luxury Boat Syndicates Provide Cost Effective, Time Efficient Boat Ownership


Smart People Share.. Introducin­g luxury boat ownership in the share economy. Luxury Boat Syndicates provides cost effective, time efficient boat ownership. Most boat owners use their boats for an average of 14 days a year – their boats sit idle for 351 days. They also need to find a berth and arrange servicing, maintenanc­e, fuelling and cleaning which all require significan­t time and effort.

At Luxury Boat Syndicates you pay an eighth of the boat purchase price and have 43 days a year (plus standby days) to enjoy your boat. We look after berthing, servicing, maintenanc­e, cleaning and fuelling and your boat is ready for you when you need it. Skippering, catering and even corporate entertainm­ent can be arranged to make owning your boat immensely enjoyable and stress free. Buy a boat with Luxury Boat Syndicates to minimise the fuss and cost of boat ownership and maximise the enjoyment!

For more informatio­n visit: www.luxuryboat­syndicates.

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