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Langton’s is Australia’s leading fine wine specialist. Founded in 1988 as the country’s first (and then only) wine auction house, Langton’s today also offers an online store and a private customer wine brokerage service.

Their Classifica­tion of Australian Wine, which first appeared in 1990, is known worldwide as an authoritat­ive – and, importantl­y, independen­t - guide to Australia’s finest and most collectabl­e wines.

In addition to their long-entrenched presence in the Australian domestic market, Langton’s leads the country in access to the best of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont and more of the wine world’s finest. They are able to advise on and procure those rare and hard-to-find bottles that elude all but the most connected retailers and consumers.

‘Trust is the key’, says General Manager Jeremy Parham. ‘We connect an enormous, world-wide community of buyers and sellers.

‘Our customers are all at various stages on the wine journey. Some know exactly what they want, and just want to make sure they get it. Others are up for new discoverie­s and want advice from someone who takes the time to get to know their tastes and preference­s - which is exactly what a Langton’s wine broker does.’ 2018 saw Langton’s celebrate their 30th anniversar­y, with events around the country attended by wine lovers, media, and industry insiders alike.

The level of internatio­nal interest has also changed since the early years: Classifica­tion VII is the first edition available in Chinese as well as English. Langton’s are now, more than ever, in a position to offer bespoke, intimate, inimitable experience­s to clients and partners alike.

Parham again: ‘Our buyers travel extensivel­y and we have a succession of wine industry figures from France, Italy, Spain and the Americas - as well as Australia and New Zealand - coming here to host tastings for us on an almost daily basis.’

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