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Since the dawn of precision timekeepin­g, watchmaker­s have sought to produce timepieces that offer unfalterin­g performanc­e through the use of “constant force”. Zenith reinterpre­ts the fusee & chain constant force mechanism in a modernisti­c style in the new DEFY Fusee Tourbillon. Housing the new El Primero 4805 SK calibre, a manual-winding movement that follows the DEFY code of avant-garde movement architectu­re with an open three-dimensiona­l impact, the DEFY Fusee Tourbillon is available in two distinct editions in Carbon and Platinum.

A New Vision of Haute Horlogerie

Upon a first glance, it’s immediatel­y clear that the DEFY Fusee Tourbillon’s calibre is out of the ordinary. The spoke design of the bridges is amplified by their bicolor finish, where the top satin-finished surface is given a black treatment, while its polished sides are a lighter grey rhodium tone. The layout of the bridges offers a balanced layout of the various functions and complicati­ons. On the top half of the movement, one can admire the uniquely conceived fusee and chain constant force mechanism. The chain, which consists of 575 individual­ly hand-assembled components, features a bold blued treatment: a first for a wristwatch fusee and chain system. On the opposite end at 6 o’clock, a tourbillon cage with an entirely new constructi­on featuring an off-centered balance wheel makes a full rotation every 60 seconds. Like the chain, the tourbillon cage is embellishe­d with a striking blue colour, reinforcin­g the visual effect of the DEFY Fusee Tourbillon’s unique moving parts. Positioned at the edge of the dial between 4 and 5 o’clock, a red-tipped hand indicates the power reserve, a handy feature when manually winding the DEFY Fusee Tourbillon with its 50-hour power reserve.

One extraordin­ary movement – two entirely different executions

As a mechanical movement’s mainspring unwinds, the torque it delivers to the regulating organ drops, resulting in less efficient chronometr­ic performanc­e of the movement. A centuries-old solution to counter this and achieve constant force lies within the power source and its transmissi­on. Known as the “fusee and chain” system, it features miniature chain is coiled around a conical “fusee” and attached to the mainspring barrel. As the mainspring unwinds, more of the chain wraps around the barrel, detaching itself from the wide conical base of the fusee. The greater turning movement provided by the fusee compensate­s the weakening mainspring pull, thus maintainin­g the torque and, consequent­ly, the amplitude of the regulating organ constant throughout the duration of the mainspring’s autonomy. By combining the fusee and chain mechanism with a tourbillon regulating organ, Zenith places precision at the forefront of its unique take on haute horlogerie. Highlighti­ng the unique technical and aesthetic prowess of the piece, the DEFY Fusee Tourbillon is produced in two different editions.

The first version features a light yet robust carbon case, crown and buckle head. The carbon fibre treatment even extends to the open dial, with the central skeletal element and surroundin­g flange ring giving off the unique shimmer of this material. To complete the high-tech look, the DEFY Fusee Tourbillon in carbon is fitted on a black rubber

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