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The Mercedes vehicle range is dynamic as never before, and the expressive body designs also have great appeal. And yet, the era of the W140, W126, W124, Mercedes 190 and Co. was regarded as a golden age by many, as Sportservi­ce Lorinser knows. The worldwide renowned German tuner for cars with the star now bridges the gap between the eras with the extremely attractive new LM2R alloy wheel.

“With the Lorinser LO we recently revived a rim model from our company history for vintage and classic cars in virtually the original design,” Managing Director Marcus Lorinser explains. “After owners of current Mercedes models also repeatedly asked about the alloy wheel, we have now designed a completely new retro rim especially for this target group. It was important to us, however, that this should not just be a copy.” The designers consequent­ly adopted a basic layout from the early 1990s and revised it for the present. The result looks right up-to-date, especially with the changed proportion­s in combinatio­n with extreme low-profile tires. In addition, the LM2R is only available in a gigantic 21-inch size. “That was unimaginab­le nearly 30 years ago,” Lorinser remembers.

The organic, soft shapes are typical for the spirit of the 1990s. The large center area has a clever arch which makes it appear is if it is suspended from the short mock double spokes – similar to a tent roof. With the recessed rim flange and the spoke ends, which appear as if split, the design pays homage to the present. Overall, the designers created a very dynamic, powerful and lively one-piece wheel. The large surfaces – a quite rare feature today – contribute to an immense presence and give a luxurious and self-confident appearance to the wheel, which is available either in hypersilve­r or in black. The Lorinser LM2R therefore perfectly underlines the commanding aura of highgrade cars such as a Mercedes S-Class.

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