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As purveyors of fine food, foie gras, caviar, artisanal condiments & farmhouse cheeses, we have been pioneers of the fine food industry in Australia for the past 30 years. We have been proudly supplying the highest quality produce to some of the best restaurant­s in the country. Sadly, the coronaviru­s crisis has strongly affected the hospitalit­y and the food industry around the globe, including us, our suppliers and customers, forcing all of us to face the new reality. Thanks to the determinat­ion and creativity of our teams, as well as our close relationsh­ips with our suppliers and

customers, we have boldly set foot into the ‘new normal’.

We are now offering our premium quality products together with delicious recipes

and tasting notes, delivered directly to your doorstep. Bringing the 5-Star dining experience into your home! In addition to our regular selection, we are delighted to offer several different hampers for a variety of occasions including Cheese & Treats

Baskets, Meal Kits, as well as several different caviar hampers.

For those looking for guidance from our food experts, we are excited to announce that we have created online experience­s including Caviar and Champagne Masterclas­ses collaborat­ing with Moet Hennessy Australia to bring the ultimate indulgence to your table.

Here at Simon Johnson, we have increased communicat­ion with our producers in Australia and all over the world to ensure that we all stick together during this crisis and keep our relationsh­ips strong. To support our suppliers as well as our customers, we have created a space to improve the flow of our gourmet food chain – The Simon Johnson Warehouse Clearance Store – which is a wonderland of cheese, caviar, condiments and pantry staples.

Our innovative projects have not only been keeping us strong and focused, they have also enabled us to manage our operations

in sustainabl­e ways. In these uncertain times, we are very happy to share that we have been able to donate our produce to charities and organisati­ons feeding the front

line workers.

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