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All airlines have cut flights for the foreseeabl­e future during the Coronaviru­s crisis. If you want to go back home or you have a very important business to attend to, hiring a private jet is one of the best ways to do.

The wealthy people are beginning to take off to the skies again. Therefore, the private jet sector is the only one that wasn’t heavily affected in the travel industry by the current crisis and this field was bound to bounce back faster than commercial airlines.

Private Jet companies are doing their best to provide their customers with the latest informatio­n on traveling restrictio­ns during the Coronaviru­s (COVID-19) outbreak.

As a frequent traveler and from a health and safety perspectiv­e, I want to avoid crowded airports and planes. Thankfully, private jet companies offer a number of benefits more than commercial flights do. One of the priceless benefits is the exclusivit­y of your flight. When you book a private jet flight, you have the power to control how many flight companions you want to take with you. In addition, private jets fly from private or VIP terminals. Hence, you do not get exposed to an overcrowde­d commercial airport lounge. And therefore, you can go through security procedures faster, without having to wait in long exhausting queues.

Private jet travel has always been a way to enjoy the luxuries of life. However, due to the uncertain and risky health crisis globally, it has now become a safe and essential option for travelers.

In conclusion, private jet travel is time-saving, convenient, flexible, luxury serviced, it reduces risk and stress.

If you have the financial means, why will you take the risk of traveling commercial? Fly private!

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