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In my role as the Editor in Chief of The Luxury Network Magazine, I am privileged enough to be on a constant journey of discoverin­g amazing locations and live unique experience­s, to share with our readers and people around me.

In the latest news, after the spread and impact of COVID-19, a sector is emerging and creating a big hype around well-being, as consumers are focusing more on the value of health and wellness, than on material objects. The definition of health and wellness is widely evolving. It is natural for such a sector to develop now so rapidly as today many of us are dedicating time to ourselves and to our own well-being. This has become a precious commodity, in other words, a true “luxury.”

Well-being is no longer defined as a health condition but has evolved into a more holistic state of being where one’s mental, physical, and emotional health are the priority. This is a time where many expose their lives on social media by looking great, feeling good, and sleeping well – these are the new luxuries that consumers want to enjoy during and after the pandemic.

I have been fortunate enough to get invited to visit a number of exclusive health and well-being establishm­ents around the world. I discovered that over the years, their focus was to promote the developmen­t of cell therapy and research into vitality, enhancing the immune system, and slowing down the aging process. Most of the establishm­ents were using special scientific approaches to wellness and bespoke treatments that look deeper into the genes that makeup each and every guest. These establishm­ents or clinics usually provide their customers a number of tailored and bespoke programs that will attend to the consumer’s needs; whether it is weight loss, detoxing, dietary problems, or general well-being treatments performed by profession­al physicians.

Gym instructor­s, personal trainers, and yoga instructor­s, around the world are igniting our desire to stay fit during social isolation by offering online classes and many home workouts which help strengthen both mind and muscle. Eating clean, working out, and monitoring one’s health, has become a very important lifestyle for most people. The new generation is participat­ing in fitness

classes and activities that improve well-being; using products, devices, and mobile apps that aid sounding sleep, consuming organic and natural foods, taking health supplement­s, and following special diets.

The “farm-to-table” concept has exploded during this pandemic. It is now in-demand and the luxury consumers don’t mind paying a premium package to meet these values in order to be organicall­y healthy. In addition, luxury consumers are showing an increasing appetite to participat­e in activities and are indulging in experience­s that promote their well-being, and sharing those experience­s with their family and friends.

Retailers are seeing a sales increase in the products and services that promise to improve the mind, body, and spirit because the luxury wellness industry isn’t just about working out, eating, or sleeping. It is also about other helpful factors such as taking health supplement­s, day and night creams, facial masks, fitness home equipment, and so much more.

According to the studies conducted by Euromonito­r Internatio­nal: Six Senses brings luxury wellness to you

• In-house experts and wellness gurus offer help to stay well in the lockdown

• As travel bans and social distancing measures are imposed, the brand is offering a range of content that global communitie­s can tap into remotely from their homes

• Videos, tutorials, articles, and advice are offered to support their six pillars of health: mindfulnes­s, eat sleep, move, live naturally and connect

• The aim is to remain solution-oriented and support their customers’ resilience and physical and mental well-being

Peloton offers virtual spinning at home

of £6000 for the bike and treadmill plus a monthly membership fee • Despite plunges in global stock markets Peloton’s shares have been rising since the outbreak

Luxury wellness in the safety of your own home

• The at-home luxury wellness sphere has been growing substantia­lly

• What was once reserved for the very best luxury hotels, destinatio­n spas and exclusive residentia­l developmen­ts is now moving more into the home

• Luxury hotels are also rolling out more personalis­ed tools to help calm travellers, including in-room saunas and fully-functionin­g spas and wellbeing apps

• This shift in consumer behaviour is set to continue to accelerate on the back of the pandemic, with demand for at-home wellness already growing at a rapid pace

As affluent consumers take wellness a top priority now, luxury businesses should follow through. The concept of luxury wellness is taking center stage, follow your consumers, and their desires.

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 ??  ?? At Home With Six Senses offers a proactive way for people to care for themselves and the people they love
At Home With Six Senses offers a proactive way for people to care for themselves and the people they love
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