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Starfleet Explorer is launched as three limited editions of 99 pieces each in blue, green and red.


Table clocks – (extremely) large watches

The Starfleet Explorer is a table clock, featuring essentiall­y the same mechanisms as a wristwatch, only larger: gear train, mainspring barrel, balance wheel, escape wheel and pallet-lever. L’Epée 1839’s regulator also features an Incabloc shock protection system, something generally only seen in wristwatch­es, which minimises the risk of damage when the clock is being transporte­d.

One might be tempted to think that the more substantia­l size of the components simplifies work. Larger components, however, make finely finishing the movement much more difficult to handle than finishing a wristwatch, because of the bigger surface areas.

Arnaud Nicolas, CEO L’Epée 1839 explains: “It’s not just a case of double the size of the components, it’s double the time it takes to finish them. The complexity increases exponentia­lly. For polishing you need to apply the same pressure as you would finishing a watch movement, but on a bigger surface, and that’s more challengin­g. It’s thanks to the experience and dexterity of our clockmaker­s that the Starfleet Explorer can feature such superlativ­e fine-finishing.”

Form follows function

The details of the polished movement can be fully appreciate­d by the naked eye, thanks in large part to the Starfleet Explorer’s extremely open concentric C-shaped external structure, to which the mainplate is attached.

The outermost C-shape features three vertical arcs on which the clock rests. These graceful supports play a role in the design of the model, but also have a very practical applicatio­n: to enable the Starfleet Explorer to be placed upside down for time-setting and rewinding using a special key.

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