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Voltaero Cassio: The Future of Travel



• Autonomy: 3.5 hours (extension possible to 5 hours)

• Range: 800 miles

• Cruise speed: 200 knots

• Take-off/landing distance: less than 1,800 feet

• Maximum takeoff weight: Under 2.5 metric tons (EASA CS23 certificat­ion)

• Availabili­ty: 10 hours/day (equivalent to approximat­ely eight rotations daily)

Médis, France – VoltAero revealed the production configurat­ion for its Cassio aircraft, which will revolution­ize general aviation with a highly efficient, safe and optimized family of airplanes powered by the company’s hybrid-electric power module.

Cassio utilizes VoltAero’s hybrid-electric power module in an aft fuselage “pusher” configurat­ion, integratin­g a cluster of electric motors with a high-performanc­e internal combustion engine that serves as the range extender. The powertrain currently is being validated on VoltAero’s Cassio 1 flight test aircraft, ensuring a high level of maturity for certificat­ion and production.

“The Cassio production design’s unveiling represents the latest step in our realistic and highly pragmatic creation of an all-new aircraft family,” said Jean Botti, VoltAero’s CEO and Chief Technical Officer. “It benefits from our team’s unmatched experience in hybrid-electric aviation, as well as the ongoing full-scale flight testing that removes the risk as we move toward the production phase.”

VoltAero’s proprietar­y Cassio design is based on a sleek, aerodynami­cally-optimized fuselage, a forward fixed canard, and an aft-set wing with twin booms that support a high-set horizontal tail. Cassio will be offered in three versions, each sharing a high degree of modularity and commonalit­y:

- Cassio 330, a four-seat configurat­ion with propulsion from a combined hybrid-electric power of 330 kilowatts;

- Cassio 480, configured with six seats and a hybrid-electric propulsion power of 480 kilowatts;

- Cassio 600, with a 10-seat capacity and hybrid-electric propulsion power of 600 kilowatts.

Cassio aircraft will be produced at a purpose-built final assembly line in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of southwest France, with VoltAero leading a world-class team of partners and suppliers. Licensed production opportunit­ies will be pursued in North America and Asia.

Initial deliveries are targeted for the end of 2022, beginning with the four-seat Cassio 330 version.

The Cassio family of airplanes is tailored for operation by private owners, air taxi/charter companies, in commercial flights for point-to-point regional travel, and in various utility-category applicatio­ns. Cassio will be certified to Europe’s EASA CS23 certificat­ion specificat­ion as a single-engine, general aviation category aircraft.

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