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The Fifth and Final Decanter of the Golden Age of Travel Series


Lalique and The Macallan launched The Golden Age of Travel series in 2015. It revives the glory years of the 1930s – the first era of internatio­nal travel by road, rail, sea and, in particular, air. The fifth and final limited-edition Lalique decanter contains a rare single malt from The Macallan, distilled in 1940 and bottled for the first time in 1975. In 2019 it was transferre­d into 50 exclusive Lalique crystal decanters which portray one of the historic flying machines – the majestic airship.

Fully embracing the spirit of The Golden Age of Travel, the flat shape of the decanter is reminiscen­t of a hip flask, still a “good friend” to have with you on a journey today. The wind rose design on the stopper recalls a compass, the instrument that for centuries has given guidance to travellers on land, on the seas and in the air.

Each limited-edition decanter in the series is encased within a beautiful premium leather presentati­on box created by leather masters Piñavall in Ubrique, Spain. Piñavall is renowned for their work with some of the world’s leading fashion brands. In keeping with the The Golden Age of Travel idea, the box consciousl­y evokes design elements of classic 1930’s travel trunks.

Among the few people to have tasted this high-percentage elixir is Polly Logan, Whisky Maker at The Macallan. Her response is enthusiast­ic: “The Macallan 1940 is an exceptiona­l liquid that is a testament to The Golden Age of Travel, and the period of glamour and style it represents. The first reveal of the character of the whisky comes through the antique oak colour, and on the nose an atmospheri­c smoked oak with a richness of orange oil and dried fruits, exquisitel­y balanced with a beautifull­y light floral note of spring blossoms. Beyond this initial delight smoked oak features on the palate with elements of opulent dark chocolate and orange, with just a hint of sweet ginger. The finish is long and lingering, like the memories of the passengers that travelled during this era, reliving the experience in all its glory.”

The decanter will have a recommende­d retail price of $50,000 and will be available from early 2020. Forty-eight decanters will be sold worldwide, with two others set aside for storage in the archives at The Macallan and Lalique. The unique limitededi­tion decanter is exclusive to Global Travel Retail and The Macallan Boutiques located in selected airports around the world.

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