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TLN Nigeria Launches Campaign to Celebrate COVID-19 Heroes


The Luxury Network Nigeria in partnershi­p with Business Day and Public Relations agency Robert Taylor Media, is launching a national campaign to celebrate Nigeria’s COVID Heroes. The campaign aims to recognise outstandin­g individual­s and organizati­ons that have gone above the call of duty, in the fight against COVID-19.

The COVID Heroes campaign will shine the spotlight on men and women who are making a significan­t direct contributi­on, or outstandin­g input in any field, to combat Covid-19. It will applaud extraordin­ary people in healthcare, education, hospitalit­y, retail, plus tech innovators and others who are working tirelessly on the frontline or behind the scenes, and hopefully inspire others to contribute to even more robust and innovative COVID-response interventi­ons.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had significan­t global health impacts as well as economic impacts, all around the world. Small and large-scale businesses alike, are facing major disruption­s and every industry has been

affected – the luxury industry is no exception. In a combined effort, numerous organisati­ons, including global luxury corporatio­ns such as LVMH and Kering have increased efforts to contribute to combatting the pandemic.

The Luxury Network Nigeria is delighted to also be playing a role, and has appointed philanthro­pic brand ambassador­s; Ocee and Ozee Mbadiwe, to spearhead our efforts to raise the profile of key COVID projects and individual­s. Ocee and Ozee will be working with the TLN Nigeria team to drive a collaborat­ive effort within and outside the luxury industry, both to help COVID Victims, while also celebratin­g COVID Heroes.

We invite nomination­s of ‘COVID Heroes’ from all industries and sectors. Nomination­s will be reviewed independen­tly by a panel of experts, and selected heroes will be profiled in an exclusive interview with Business Day to boost awareness for their projects. The heroes will also be invited to talk about their work and projects in an exclusive weekly Instagram Live series titled ‘Conversati­ons with COVID Heroes’.

Another arm of the campaign titled COVID Heroes Stories will focus on curating behind-the-scenes footage and candid portraits of the heroes at work. A selection of these photograph­s will be featured in a post-COVID exhibition at our upcoming African Art event in Bvlgari Hotel, Knightsbri­dge London. The exhibition is being curated to lend a new perspectiv­e to the conversati­on about Nigeria, with a look at how the most populous city on the continent fought the Covid-19 crisis.

This campaign underpins our ethos of creating unique partnershi­ps, for greater impact. We are delighted to use our platform to celebrate the efforts of inspiratio­nal Nigerians and are ready to make our small contributi­on to the fight against Covid-19.

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