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- @faresghatt­as @theluxuryn­etwork Fares Ghattas Global CEO, The Luxury Network Internatio­nal Editor-in-chief, The Luxury Network Internatio­nal Magazine

Dear Valued Readers,

We truly hope that this year is starting off well and that you are ready to crush it as the pandemic slows down globally.

When people label something as ‘luxurious,’ we automatica­lly equate it as ‘too expensive.’ That may be true, however, luxury itself is not defined by ‘expense’ alone. There are so many more elements that truly and correctly identify an item as luxury and we will be discussing more of this soon through an online platform and a series of webinars at The Luxury Network Academy which will be launching this month.

Despite the global difficulti­es that the current situation has presented to the luxury industry and continues doing so, Bugatti has successful­ly delivered more vehicles in the first quarter of 2021 more than ever before in the first 3 months of any year. Hermès also saw luxury demand recover from the ‘pandemic freeze’ and returning to growth, while LVMH shares are also reaching a record recently after the unexpected Louis Vuitton rebound in fashion and leather sales.

Therefore, no matter what happens, people will still spend on luxury goods and I believe that there will be a higher growth since people are now more excited to dress up again and enjoy the luxuries of life - from travel, cars, jewelry, and all different industries, more than ever. I always say we only live once!

Please enjoy our latest edition as we have featured the highlights of some of the exclusive events that our global offices and official members have hosted.


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