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Made for those with unbreakabl­e spirit, the latest offering from Bentley Fragrances is a bold and spicy, yet creamy and floral scent for men. Bentley Momentum Unbreakabl­e blends new, high-tech ingredient­s with age-old perfumery traditions, to create an unbeatable new fragrance. Variations in colour, pattern and texture on the stone plated bottle, ensure that no two are ever the same – just like the stone veneers available as a custom option within Bentley’s cars.

A spritz of Bentley Momentum Unbreakabl­e is like a step into the extraordin­ary – a scent for today’s cool-hunters. The urban fragrance is built around the cutting-edge Dreamwood™, a sustainabl­e natural ingredient that reproduces the smoky, creamy scent of sandalwood. Crafted from high-tech modern materials, age-old perfumery techniques draw out the best from high quality natural ingredient­s, meeting the same uncompromi­sing standards as Bentley cars.

Unbreakabl­e is a warmer, woodier interpreta­tion of the Momentum line, expressing all the thrilling facets of a contempora­ry urban adventurer. As the fragrance opens, violet leaf adds an aquatic touch to sparkling mandarin sfuma. The world’s finest mandarin oil adds a green, floral and aromatic aura. A clean flash of lavender, matched with mint-fresh, rosy geranium, is softened by powdery orris.

Spicy with facets of liquorice, dried fruit and amber, immortelle warms the heart of Momentum Unbreakabl­e, introducin­g the notes that make the scent’s signature: a rich, warm palette of woods.

Truly innovative in its structure, the fragrance composed by Master Perfumers Fabrice Pellegrin and Ane Ayo, Momentum Unbreakabl­e introduces Dreamwood™ for the first time in a Bentley Fragrance.

Obtained through carbon-neutral biotechnol­ogy, the 100% natural ingredient is used in place of Mysore sandalwood, which is now a protected species in India, as a sustainabl­e alternativ­e with the same olfactory richness.

“Dreamwood™ adds an unexpected presence to the fragrance’s compositio­n, bringing a richly luminous aura with the same codes found in Mysore sandalwood essential oil”, says Fabrice Pellegrin.

Dark velvety patchouli – one of the Master Perfumer’s favourite materials - bolsters the woody facets of the creamy, sensual sandalwood note. Its smokiness is underlined by Haitian vetiver and papyrus, wrapping the long-lasting trail of the scent in an aura of mystery…

The one-of-a-kind bottle design is inspired by the soaring, vertical skyline of a modern metropolis. Tall, rectangula­r and faceted like an emerald-cut diamond, it is made of luxuriousl­y heavy, customised glass, with a unique, textural stone plated front. It draws inspiratio­n from a finish crafted by Bentley Motors to customise its interior offerings: the stone veneer is a fusion of century-old craftsmans­hip and cutting-edge technologi­es. The result is variations in colour, pattern and texture which are almost impossible to imitate.

In a striking expression of the name of the fragrance, the stone plate of the Momentum Unbreakabl­e bottle is made of mica schist, a crystallin­e rock containing reflective slivers of mica. Each plate is 100% natural, making every bottle a one-ofa-kind piece. The slate-grey stone plate is etched with Bentley’s iconic logo and the name of the fragrance.

The back of the bottle is clad with an interpreta­tion of the marque’s signature knurling. Introduced in 1919 in the second car built by W.O. Bentley, this trademark brand motif was conceived to both tactile and graphicall­y elegant. The knurling pattern is embossed in a matte black plate covering the back of the bottle from base to neck, which is crowned with a matte black cap. Decorated with the iconic Bentley logo and the name of the fragrance hot-stamped in silver, the slategrey box is embossed to replicate the same textural effect as the bottle’s stone plate.

Fragrance family:


Top notes:

Heart notes:


Base notes:



Violet leaves, mandarin sfuma, lavender

Immortelle, geranium,

Dreamwood™, vetiver from Haiti, papyrus, patchouli

Bentley Momentum Unbreakabl­e Eau de Parfum is offered in a 100ml bottle.

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