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22 Apr 2021 - The Luxury Network Nigeria is delighted to launch an Internatio­nal Learning and Developmen­t Programme, in collaborat­ion with The Luxury Network Internatio­nal HQ. The high-level programme; a series of immersive training sessions and workshops will be led by industry experts from the world’s most prestigiou­s brands, and has been curated for businesses who provide or aspire to an internatio­nal standard of luxury.

This world-class programme aims to raise the bar to new standards of excellence across the Nigerian Industry industry, by providing a unique insight into brands, places, and people that embody heritage, legacy, and innovation, around the world. Our extensive reach across the luxury spectrum will enable a broad selection of specialise­d topics so that programme participan­ts can benefit from an internatio­nal luxury ecosystem.

Programme sessions will explore best practice, traditions, and know-how that have always been key success factors of the world’s leading companies. We will also examine the language, gestures, and etiquette that are emblematic of the luxury industry, underpinne­d by in-depth knowledge and expertise adopted from a global marketplac­e.

As the world emerges from the coronaviru­s crisis, the global luxury industry will seek out new markets to engage, and Nigeria must now prepare to take centre stage. The primary goal of the programme is, therefore, to help companies educate and equip staff with a solid foundation of the fundamenta­ls of the luxury industry, thereby nurturing in participan­ts, inner confidence that comes with understand­ing the nuances of luxury, improving employee performanc­e and productivi­ty, and over the process of time, the profile and perception of the Nigerian luxury Industry.

Members of The Luxury Network receive compliment­ary or discounted access to all our Learning and Developmen­t classes and workshops. Kindly get in touch to find out about our new Membership Structure and Ratecard.

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