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Bhavini Doshi is CEO of the multi-award-winning company PORSE, a leading Home-Based Childcare, Education and Training provider in New Zealand.

“My role as a successful businesswo­man, educationi­st and motivation­al leader is to promote education in the digital age and the wellbeing of Gen-Z Kids. Our vision is a world where children and young people feel safe and realise their aspiration­s to succeed”.

The methods of education and delivery are now a blend between face-to-face and other combinatio­ns of virtual interfaces, content is moving from traditiona­l text-based learning to text-plus-multimedia.

While the world of education is still in transition; Bhavini says the cost of creating high-end multimedia content, although coming down, is still prohibitiv­e for all but the very edge of the marketplac­e. Bhavini states that her work is driven by a belief that all children should have the chance to achieve their full potential and contribute to a healthy, robust society and environmen­t.

More than 20,000+ children and families have been supported by PORSE educators, nannies, babysitter­s and teachers in New Zealand providing strong partnershi­p opportunit­ies and global expansion.

Bhavini has been in the education sector for more than two decades in India, the USA, the UK and New Zealand, and looks forward to forming new partnershi­ps with those who want to make a difference and share her philanthro­pist view of ‘Giving back to the community’. As a part of her Corporate Social Responsibi­lity More For Kidz Foundation Trust, a New Zealand Registered Charity was started by Bhavini to support ECE profession­als, caregivers and parents with parenting skills and knowledge. She is also a member of Global Women, Co of Women, Early Childhood Council New Zealand and Home Early Learning Organisati­on and Early Childhood Associatio­n, India.

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