Turkey can ben­e­fit from US sanc­tions on Iran: Diplo­mat

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New US sanc­tions against Iran can have pos­i­tive con­se­quences for Turkey, said an Ira­nian diplo­mat.

Hafez Mousavi, Iran’s com­mer­cial coun­selor in Turkey, told state-run Anadolu Agency, “This is the best op­por­tu­nity for Turk­ish com­pa­nies to in­crease their pres­ence in Iran. They can use this bene¿t to con­quer the part of the mar­ket that was ac­quired by Euro­pean and Chi­nese com­pa­nies.”

On Novem­ber 5, the United States reim­posed sanc­tions tar­get­ing Iran’s en­ergy and ¿nan­cial sec­tors along with its ship­ping in­dus­try. More than 700 in­di­vid­u­als, en­ti­ties, air­craft, and ves­sels were black­listed, in­clud­ing 50 Ira­nian banks and their do­mes­tic and for­eign sub­sidiaries.

Wash­ing­ton granted a 180-day waiver to China, Greece, In­dia, Turkey, Italy, Ja­pan, South Korea and Tai­wan to im­port Ira­nian oil, which eased wor­ries of sup­ply re­duc­tion in the global mar­kets af­ter the sanc­tions went into ef­fect.

Mousavi as­serted that Turkey and Iran can ex­pand co­op­er­a­tion in sec­tors such as tourism and in­vest­ment.

In 2017, trade be­tween Turkey and Iran to­taled $10.7 bil­lion — up nearly 11 per­cent year-on-year.

In the ¿rst nine months of 2018 the trade be­tween the two coun­tries stood at $7.5 bil­lion.

Turkey mainly ex­ports gold, steel pro¿le, au­to­mo­tive sup­ply prod­ucts, ¿berboard, and land trans­porta­tion ve­hi­cles to Iran while it pur­chases raw pe­tro­leum ma­te­ri­als, nat­u­ral gas, plas­tics in pri­mary forms, and met­als other than iron and or­ganic chem­i­cals from Iran.

Mousavi said sanc­tions will hardly af­fect the Ira­nian econ­omy as it’s not to­tally linked to the in­ter­na­tional ¿nan­cial and mon­e­tary sys­tem.

He added that the sanc­tions can be a good op­por­tu­nity for Iran to de­crease its de­pen­dency on oil rev­enues and to ad­vance its non-oil ex­ports.

“We are go­ing to im­ple­ment poli­cies to ex­pand our non-oil ex­ports and en­hance our pro­duc­tion ca­pac­ity,” Mousavi said.

On trade in na­tional cur­ren­cies with Turkey, Rus­sia and China, he said the is­sue is on Iran’s agenda.

“We had good ne­go­ti­a­tions on this is­sue. They ex­pressed their readi­ness to use na­tional cur­rency to work with Ira­nian com­pa­nies,” he added.

Mousavi said that the use of Turk­ish lira in­stead of US dol­lars would also be wel­comed by Ira­nian com­pa­nies.

“Turkey is our main part­ner and neigh­bor, we pre­fer to use the lira in­stead of the dol­lar,” he said.

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