Vali Cas­tle, a Qa­jar mon­u­ment in Ilam

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Vali Cas­tle was built in the year 1326 of the lu­nar He­gira cal­en­der (AH)) upon the or­der of Gho­lam­reza Khan Fili in an area called Hos­sein-abad Fili, which was known as the Up­per Vil­lage, on the hill of Chega Mi­rak in the mid­dle of a moun­tain of Ilam re­gion, west of Iran.

The cas­tle stands at a height of about four me­ters with the façade fac­ing south, iran­cul­ wrote.

On the north­ern side there is a main hall (shah­neshin) whose di­men­sions and in­ter­nal di­men­sions are larger than the other rooms. At the cen­ter of the liv­ing room there is a small foun­tain dec­o­rated around and in­side with mar­ble that was em­bel­lished with col­ored tiles dur­ing re­con­struc­tion.

This foun­tain was built near a spring which was that the time abun­dant with wa­ter but dried up with the pas­sage of time. The pres­ence of cross-linked para­pets in turquoise bricks, cov­ered ter­races on the south­ern side, along with lat­tice win­dows with col­ored glass, the columns with cir­cu­lar sec­tion, the ones carved in the iwan, the vaulted arches, the dec­o­ra­tions and the work­ings on of them with col­ored tiles, the tall and an­cient pine trees and the rect­an­gu­lar foun­tain in the an­te­rior space, all these el­e­ments gave the cas­tle a scenic look.

Most of the rooms had in­ter­nal com­mu­ni­ca­tion and were built one in­side the other.

To­day the cas­tle has twenty large rooms, ¿ve small, four iwan and two small ter­races on the south­ern side. The east and west sides are com­pletely iden­ti­cal, com­pared to the court­yard Àoor they have a height dif­fer­ence of about 80 cen­time­ters and with four stone steps con­nect with the Àoor of the rooms and the iwan.

The cas­tle, which has three stair­cases with a ro­ta­tion of ninety de­grees con­nects to the roof and has two semi­cir­cle watch­tow­ers in the apex of the north­east­ern and north­west­ern side. Around them there are pin­na­cles where the guards were sta­tioned for sight­ing. In­side the cor­ri­dors were built ar­eas like arches in the wall that were the place of plac­ing the guards. In the en­trance hall­way on the eastern side, as well as in­side the main room and in the sur­veil­lance en­trance part, the ceil­ings were adorned with col­ored, pat­terned tiles and beau­ti­ful stucco dec­o­ra­tions.

Fifty per­cent of the cas­tle were de­stroyed dur­ing the Iran-iraq war but was re­built.

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Pub­lished by iran­cul­

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