Google moves to curb gen­der bias in trans­la­tion

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Google said on Thurs­day it was tweak­ing its trans­la­tion ap­pli­ca­tion with the goal of re­duc­ing gen­der bias.

The move comes amid crit­i­cism that Google Trans­late of­ten de­faulted to mas­cu­line names when it con­verted text to an­other lan­guage, AFP wrote.

“Over the course of this year, there’s been an ef­fort across Google to pro­mote fair­ness and re­duce bias in ma­chine learn­ing,” prod­uct man­ager James Kucz­marski said in a blog post.

Up to now, the trans­late pro­gram pro­vided only one trans­la­tion for a query, of­ten choos­ing the mas­cu­line word for terms like “doc­tor,” and the fem­i­nine word for “nurse,” for ex­am­ple.

“Now you’ll get both a fem­i­nine and mas­cu­line trans­la­tion for a sin­gle word – like ‘sur­geon’ – when trans­lat­ing from English into French, Ital­ian, Por­tuguese or Span­ish,” he said.

Google said it was plan­ning to ex­tend gen­der­spe­cific trans­la­tions to more lan­guages,” and ad­dress gen­der bias in fea­tures like query au­to­com­plete.”

“And we’re al­ready think­ing about how to ad­dress non-bi­nary gen­der in trans­la­tions, though it’s not part of this ini­tial launch,” Kucz­marski added.


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