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Ferdowsi mausoleum constructi­on starts in western Iran’s mini world theme park


The constructi­on of the mausoleum of the Persian poet Ferdowsi began in mini world theme park complex in Malayer, Iran’s western province of Hamedan, said the mayor of Malayer.

The move is to complete the monuments and significan­t works of the complex, Hossein Babaei added.

The mock-up will be in 1/4 size of the real mausoleum which is located in Mashhad, Iran’s northeaste­rn city, IRNA wrote.

At present 13 monuments are now under constructi­on in the mini world, he noted, adding that completion of this complex is one of the priorities of Malayer’s Municipali­ty.

Babaei said that new monuments including Dowlat Abad Garden of Yazd Province, Chogha Zanbil of Khuzestan Province, Avicenna mausoleum of Hamedan and Stonehenge of England are to be added to this tourist complex.

Babaei added that three separate restaurant­s were built to give different types of classic, fast food and traditiona­l meals to the visitors.

Malayer’s mini world theme park is the first of its kind in Iran and in the Middle East.

With the start of its executive operations in 2010, the gate of tourism opened to this city and 138 global historical monuments of Iran and the world are to be installed in this complex.

The mini world theme park in Malayer will be a tourist resort featuring miniature mock-ups of famous monuments of Iran and other countries.

Malayer is the second largest city in Hamedan Province, with a reputation for carpet weaving.


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