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Iran News - - FRONT PAGE - By:Hamid Reza Naghashian

For al­most four decades, the slo­gan of “Death to U.S. (Amer­ica)” is unan­i­mously and whole-heart­edly chanted by Ira­nian peo­ple, fol­lowed by most of the peo­ple world­wide. Since the slo­gan has its own phi­los­o­phy, its mean­ing and ob­jec­tive can­not be de­fined in a short ar­ti­cle be­cause the slo­gan is not just a mat­ter of re­venge and it has had roots in the philo­soph­i­cal, po­lit­i­cal ap­proach and mind­set of the rul­ing gov­ern­ments of the U.S. since the World War II, ac­tu­ally for more al­most seven decades.

Although the U.S. poli­cies have al­ways been con­fronting with the hege­mony of United King­dom in their colonies in more than 150 years and those strug­gles have been men­tioned in some his­tory books by fa­mous fig­ures like Haji Wash­ing­ton and Mah­moud Mah­mood. In fact, shift in the tac­tics of Bri­tain from colo­nial­ism to neo­colo­nial­ism in their colonies has been be­cause of the U.S. po­lit­i­cal poli­cies and mind­set.

Supreme Leader of the Is­lamic Repub­lic of Iran Ay­a­tol­lah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in his re­cent speech on the eve of Novem­ber 4 (Na­tional Day of the Fight Against the Global Ar­ro­gance) ral­lies, said, “This slo­gan is con­stantly re­peated in the anti-U.S. ral­lies and it only ad­dresses U.S. gov­ern­ments and not the Amer­i­can peo­ple.”

British news­pa­per the Guardian had an es­pe­cial cov­er­age on the Novem­ber 4 ral­lies in Iran. The Guardian was known as the Manch­ester Guardian from 1821 to 1959.The pa­per is one of the ar­dent crit­ics of the British gov­ern­ment and its read­er­ship is gen­er­ally on the main­stream left of British po­lit­i­cal opin­ion. The pa­per has been one of the se­ri­ous crit­ics of Tony Blair Gov­ern­ment dur­ing the Per­sian Gulf War in the 1990s.

He quoted some re­marks of Ay­a­tol­lah Khamanei’s speech which were ut­tered on the eve of Novem­ber 4 ral­lies.

“Ira­nian peo­ple’s anti-U.S. slo­gans have been backed by strong logic and mind­set in­spired by the Con­sti­tu­tions which can­not tol­er­ate tyranny and in­jus­tice,” the Guardian quoted the 76-year-old Leader of the Is­lamic Rev­o­lu­tion as say­ing.

The pa­per in its re­port re­it­er­ated that Supreme Leader of Iran in his re­marks again and again re­it­er­ated that the slo­gan of “Death to the U.S.” does not mean “Death to Amer­i­can Peo­ple” and it just con­demns the ar­ro­gant poli­cies of the U.S. gov­ern­ments.

The Amer­i­can news agency As­so­ci­ated Press was the other me­dia out­let which had its own cov­er­age on the Supreme Leader’s speech, ad­dress­ing the stu­dents.

The news agency quoted the leader as say­ing that the anti-slo­gan slo­gan is not a sen­ti­men­tal or emo­tional one and it is a wise slo­gan in­spired by a logic be­hind it and every­body should re­al­ize it.

“Even if we ex­clude the Holy Qu­ran’s verses on strug­gling with tyranny and in­jus­tice, one can look back at a his­tor­i­cal event in Iran and the 1953 U.S.backed coup in Iran,” AP quoted the Leader as say­ing.

At the time when the coup hap­pened in Iran, the then prime min­is­ter Dr.Mo­ham­mad Mosad­deq had asked the U.S. to con­front with the British in­ter­fer­ences and in­flu­ence and this op­ti­mism and sim­plic­ity en­cour­aged the U.S. to carry out the coup d’état in Iran. The coup thwarted all coun­try and Mosad­deq’s ef­forts for na­tion­al­iz­ing the oil in­dus­try and helped the despotic Shah regime to re­vive and to put the coun­try in a con­di­tion, fac­ing cul­tural and po­lit­i­cal threat for 25 years.

Some other West­ern me­dia out­lets like Daily Mail, Toronto Sun, Press Her­ald, WND …etc also cov­ered the leader’s re­marks.

The U.S. News TV Chan­nel NBC in its news re­port with ti­tle of “Iran’s Leader Ay­a­tol­lah Ali Khamenei De­fines Slo­gan of ‘Death to the U.S.’ pointed to the leader’s re­marks on the eve of Novem­ber 4 ral­lies, adding that Iran’s leader had tried to clear the phi­los­o­phy of the anti-U.S. slo­gans which has a sig­nif­i­cant stand in the cur­rent world con­di­tion with an anal­y­sis fo­cus­ing on the de­cline of the U.S.

This is im­por­tant the Leader tries to clear that the goal be­hind the slo­gan of “Death to the U.S.” does not ad­dress the Amer­i­can peo­ple and no one in the past four decades had tried to de­fine the mean­ing of the slo­gan de­spite it was her­alded world­wide.

It is very im­por­tant that Iran’s leader tried to once again to tell the world the rea­sons be­hind “Death to the U.S.” slo­gan and to clear that it is just against the U.S. states­men’s poli­cies and not against the Amer­i­can peo­ple, and in the past four decades it had not been de­fined clearly de­spite its preva­lence in the world.

One can see anal­y­sis on de­cline of Don­ald Trumps’ poli­cies has led to the de­cline of the U.S. and some in­ter­na­tional me­dia out­lets are keen to ex­press their opin­ion and be­liefs on “Death to the U.S.” through mouths of Ira­nian peo­ple which is an im­por­tant is­sue.

It seems the world moves to­wards de-colo­nial­iza­tion and wip­ing hege­mony, and Iran has im­posed its wise phi­los­o­phy on the world against the U.S. ar­ro­gance through spread­ing Is­lamic Rev­o­lu­tion.

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