Trump’s Poli­cies to Bring About Death of U.S.

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TEHRAN (PressTV) - Leader of the U.S.-based Na­tion of Is­lam Move­ment Louis Far­rakhan has warned that Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s poli­cies may re­sult in the death of Amer­ica.

Speak­ing in a Thurs­day press con­fer­ence held at Press TV head­quar­ters in Tehran, Far­rakhan said Trump’s poli­cies are erod­ing trust in the U.S. across the world.

He warned that the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion’s poli­cies, in­clud­ing its new sanc­tions on the Ira­nian na­tion, will “bring about the death” of the United States.

“The poli­cies of our gov­ern­ment would bring about a war in the Mid­dle East that would be a trig­ger to the great­est war that has ever been; the war of Armageddon spo­ken of in the Bible,” Far­rakhan said, quot­ing his “teacher” Eli­jah Muham­mad, the for­mer leader of the Na­tion of Is­lam.

“If the trig­ger of war in the Mid­dle East is pulled by you us­ing your sur­ro­gates at the in­sis­tence of Is­rael, then the war will trig­ger an­other kind of war, which will bring China, Rus­sia, all of the na­tions into a war,” Far­rakhan said, ad­dress­ing Trump. “The war will end Amer­ica as you know it,” he said, adding “if you do not heed the warn­ing and cor­rect your path, death will come.” Far­rakhan lashed out at the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion for reim­pos­ing sanc­tions on Iran, say­ing the bans are “hurt­ing the peo­ple of Iran,” not the Ira­nian gov­ern­ment, as claimed by Amer­i­can of­fi­cials.

The U.S. an­nounces the reim­po­si­tion of new and strength­ened sanc­tions against Iran in an at­tempt “to force Tehran to change its be­hav­ior to Wash­ing­ton’s lik­ing.” He said Iran ful­filled what it had signed to do on the Joint Com­pre­hen­sive Plan of Ac­tion (JCPOA), but Amer­ica did not.

“In Amer­ica they said that they gave Iran bil­lions of dol­lars, but they never said that they were hold­ing over 150 bil­lion dol­lars of Ira­nian money and they were sup­posed to give it back dur­ing the treaty ar­range­ment.”

The Mus­lim leader pointed to the “Death to Amer­ica” slo­gan chanted by Ira­nian peo­ple to con­demn hos­tile US poli­cies, and ar­gued that “they have a right to chant it.” He also blasted Trump’s poli­cies in the Mid­dle East, say­ing the U.S. is try­ing to cre­ate fur­ther divi­sion be­tween Shias and Sun­nis in the re­gion.

“Pres­i­dent Trump … asked Saudi King Sal­man to call all the Sunni na­tions to gather in Riyadh and he would come and ad­dress them. And when Trump went to Riyadh, I saw him with pic­tures of new jet fighter planes, show­ing them to the king, and then they an­nounced a $110 bil­lion sale of weapons to Saudi, [and] the UAE; bil­lions of dol­lars for weapons.”

“But if you lis­ten care­fully to his speech, he was mak­ing … divi­sion be­tween Sunni and Shia, and aim­ing those weapons sub­tly to­ward Iran, and then openly say­ing to all those na­tions they should re­ject their brother Iran,” he said.

Far­rakhan con­demned U.S. arms sales to Saudi Ara­bia, which are be­ing used to slaugh­ter the in­no­cent peo­ple of Ye­men, say­ing, “What is go­ing on in Ye­men is a crime against hu­man­ity with Amer­i­can planes, Amer­i­can bombs used.”

Far­rakhan also called on the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity to rise up against the per­se­cu­tion of Mus­lim peo­ple whether in Ye­men or in Myan­mar against Ro­hingya.

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