Ser­bia Gives Ul­ti­ma­tum To Kosovo on Di­a­logue


BEL­GRADE (Dis­patches) - Di­a­logue with Kosovo will con­tinue when it with­draws its un­law­ful de­ci­sions, Ser­bia’s pres­i­dent said Thurs­day.

Alek­san­dar Vu­cic’s re­marks fol­lowed his meet­ing with EU for­eign pol­icy chief Fed­er­ica Mogherini to­gether with Kosovo Pres­i­dent Hashim Thaci in Brus­sels as part of the Bel­grade-Pristina di­a­logue process.

“The di­a­logue will con­tinue when Pristina with­draws its un­law­ful de­ci­sions. We are al­ways ready to talk about the fu­ture and com­pro­mises. None of our peo­ple will ap­pear here in Brus­sels un­til Pristina with­draws all il­le­gal acts,” Vu­cic told Ra­dio Tele­vi­sion Ser­bia.

He said the au­thor­i­ties in Kosovo’s cap­i­tal, Pristina, de­cided to raise tar­iffs on all Ser­bian and Bos­nian goods by 10 per­cent and is talk­ing about set­ting up a mil­i­tary gar­ri­son in the north where the Serbs live, but Ser­bia will not al­low it. Vu­cic said “dif­fi­cult days” are ahead of Ser­bia in the po­lit­i­cal sense be­cause Pristina vi­o­lated the CEFTA agree­ment and in­tro­duced ad­di­tional tar­iffs on goods from Ser­bia. “The Pristina au­thor­i­ties de­cided to raise tar­iffs on Ser­bian goods by 10 per­cent over the past few days, con­trary to the CEFTA agree­ment, which the EU con­demned. But no one is get­ting too worked up about it.”

He added that the Euro­peans are try­ing to kick Ser­bia out of the power grid in north­ern Kosovo.

“The Euro­peans are try­ing to get us out of the en­ergy net­work for north­ern Kosovo un­law­fully. In the draft, the pro­posal to re­solve the en­ergy dis­pute was clear, that the Com­mu­nity of Serb Mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties must be formed and the two mixed com­pa­nies in the north would be able to trans­fer power to the Al­ba­nian op­er­a­tor. They are now try­ing to get rid of us, to take away our right to trans­fer elec­tric­ity, mak­ing us lose a power line to Mace­do­nia, two to Al­ba­nia and three to Mon­tene­gro,” Vu­cic said.

The pos­si­bil­ity of reach­ing a fi­nal, legally bind­ing agree­ment is cur­rently very low, said Thaci. He said the top­ics dis­cussed are not easy to re­solve, but it is in the in­ter­est of both coun­tries to reach a peace agree­ment.

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