‪Hyrogen therapy or‬ ‪treatment by hydrogen‬

novindaroo - - صفحهآخر -

‪Hydrogen therapy is the best tool‬ ‪for treating many diseases and‬ ‪infections. It can repair cells and‬ ‪tissues with forming other elements‬ ‪and compositions, and those who‬ ‪have more energy better can treat‬ ‪their own and others’ ills, but those‬ ‪who are afraid of getting ill may‬ ‪not tolerate different diseases.‬ ‪Hydrogen is necessary for every‬ ‪body for working and body structure.‬ ‪Those who have a fit and active body‬ ‪structure benefit from needed energy‬ ‪and power but those who have not‬ ‪enough energy, their body building‬ ‪becomes week. Hydrogen exist in‬ ‪proteins and lipid at high amount‬ ‪and those who benefit from these‬ ‪substances, have more hydrogen‬ ‪from those compositions. Hydrogen‬ ‪and nitrogen are very important‬ ‪elements for body building and‬ ‪energy. Those who have watery body‬ ‪can reduce it by using proteins and‬ ‪lipids so increase body energy and‬ ‪hydrogen. Hydrogen has tendency‬ ‪to nitrogen and is very important for‬ ‪body building.‬

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