‪Light and dark energy‬

novindaroo - - گزارش -

‪Light and dark are also energy and when‬ ‪light decrease or stop, darkness replaces‬ ‪it and light change to other energies‬ ‪like warmth, color alteration and so on.‬ ‪Darkness similar to lightness contain‬ ‪different energies, for example; darkness‬ ‪produce heat, electricity, causes herbs‬ ‪and animals growing and killing, and‬ ‪those who benefit from dark better‬ ‪can gain power and potential. Mind of‬ ‪Persons who have black hair or use black‬ ‪hat, act better and mind of individuals‬ ‪who have not hair or have white hair‬ ‪act lesser and cannot dissolve problems‬ ‪and hardness properly, but those who‬ ‪exposes at absolute darkness their mind‬ ‪can work more and better. Human‬ ‪can benefit from darkness for tissues‬ ‪reinforcement. Each tissue and limb also‬ ‪can be powerful with dark medium and‬ ‪those who work in light give out their‬ ‪power more than high dark, so working‬ ‪at night dark is better for body.‬ ‪Darkness contain energy without‬ light ‪and flame, and it is better for‬ body ‪power increasing thus people who‬ work ‪in night and darkness may get‬ tired lesser. ‪Working in intense light causes body‬ ‪and mind tiredness and those who rest‬ ‪in dark better can get out of tiredness‬ ‪so mind can better work at night and‬ darkness. ‪Sensory limbs can work better in‬ dark ‪but eyes work with light better.‬

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