‪Extinct energy‬

novindaroo - - گزارش -

‪Extinct contain power and can absorb‬ ‪many things, it can cause growing‬ ‪for some composing. Thus some of‬ ‪microbes, viruses and alive cells can‬ ‪grow at darkness and cause many‬ ‪illnesses at body and those who live‬ ‪at dull medium would suffer kinds of‬ diseases. ‪When light strikes at a thing, it‬ ‪reflects at darkness and this energy‬ ‪cause many functions. Many‬ ‪substances can live or even can‬ ‪get alive in darkness and cause many‬ ‪disorders. Alive animals such as turtles,‬ ‪some snakes and others can remain more‬ ‪in dark medium and underground.‬ ‪When use of electric lamps increases‬ ‪on earth and the globe became‬ ‪lighter, length of life gets short and‬ ‪limited but those who benefit from‬ ‪light more, lesser can live on earth‬ ‪and those who benefit from extinct,‬ ‪can live more on earth.‬ ‪We must have darkness nearly equal‬ ‪to lightness while electric power cause‬ ‪higher brightness more than darkness.‬ ‪Earth and life on it needs to the extinct‬ ‪and when we decrease the extinct of‬ ‪earth we can live shorter and living on‬ ‪earth becomes limited.‬ ‪It is different between sleep and extinct.‬ ‪Extinct is necessary for many other‬ ‪causes and those who want sleep well,‬ ‪can benefit from it.‬

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