‪Extinct is necessary‬

novindaroo - - گزارش -

‪Extinct is necessary for rest and sleep,‬ ‪and those who do benefit from this‬ ‪function can live better and longer.‬ ‪Extinct power produces from light‬ ‪reflection and when light strike‬ ‪at a thing for some duration of‬ ‪time, after light cutting extinct,‬ ‪those reflections appear and‬ ‪a kind of power spreads out.‬ ‪This energy has different‬ ‪properties, many alive unions‬ ‪can grow by this energy and‬ ‪power and alive cells with‬ ‪no movement can grow with this‬ ‪power. Also some foods for some cells‬ ‪may reinforce at absolute dark and may‬ ‪absorbed at this location, so kind of black‬ ‪hollow can absorb some globes and other‬ ‪things, and human would benefit from‬ ‪that in the future ,some things captured in‬ ‪medium can be free by this power.‬ ‪These energies include powerful‬ ‪potential and when arrived in alive‬ ‪substances, can create long living with‬ ‪kinds of advantages and important‬ activities. ‪Some of cells activities become more at‬ ‪darkness and relaxation can be done at dull‬ ‪because cells’ nutrition can be better at‬ ‪darkness and extinct condition.‬ ‪When electricity and lamp was invented and‬ ‪medium was full light, body life get short‬ ‪and less at nights and those who benefit from‬ ‪light lesser, can live better and longer.‬

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