‪Organs and Energy‬

novindaroo - - صفحهآخر - ‪Author: Najmeddin Hassani‬ ‪Collector: Mohammad taghi‬ Ashtari

‪When body organs become ill. we can‬ ‪cure their disorders by sending energy‬ ‪to that organ thus those who work with‬ ‪organs at suitable times and power‬ ‪can have better limb for different‬ ‪functions. Those limbs of persons‬ ‪which are useless become weak and‬ ‪ill and soon become destroyed and‬ ‪died. We can reinforce every organ by‬ ‪sending energy and power and working‬ ‪at needed amount.‬ ‪On the other hand we must use every‬ ‪organ and pay attention to its needs from‬ ‪products and other needed activity and‬ ‪energy producer case.‬ ‪Increasing limb’s activity causes reinforced‬ ‪limb or muscles till that organ can do heavy‬ doings. ‪Other things for limb fortifying includes‬ ‪using energetic compounds and those who‬ ‪benefit from tropical products and live at‬ ‪warm climate and shiny location better can‬ ‪do sport for organ strengthening.‬ ‪Exercise and other instruments for‬ ‪strengthening are very important and those‬ ‪who benefit from other functions and‬ ‪instruments can do magic works. They can‬ ‪live better and more on earth. this living‬ ‪needs powerful limbs and mind and those‬ ‪who accept knowledge for longer living‬ ‪soon can reach to their goal and aim but‬ ‪those who have weak genetics at mind and‬ ‪organs benefit limit life and weak behaviors.‬ ‪Human can live more and better if they‬ ‪have more knowledge and science about‬ ‪producing energy by every mean. It helps‬ ‪body for long living.‬ ‪Mass begin from electrons and others‬ ‪By energy increasing. electrons like protons‬ ‪or neutron become free and strike at‬ ‪each other like when suitable conditions‬ ‪create hydrogen. With hydrogen elements‬ ‪composing atoms of other element suitable‬ ‪medium will be create and many element‬ ‪appear at needed times. At the present‬ ‪times may some elements produce with‬ ‪special condition of time or other cases like‬ ‪temperature pressure and other functions.‬ ‪At this time nature goes to other new‬ ‪condition and goal may be nature creating.‬ ‪Energy or matter creates for many times till‬ ‪matter or energy converting at black hole‬ ‪with high energy for absorbing other globs‬ ‪so we can create this with accumulating‬ ‪darkness energies and this is the greatest‬ ‪energy in the world.‬ ‪Those who want live more can benefit‬ ‪from this energy for long times because‬ ‪this energy does not terminate and person‬ ‪can live more durations and human can live‬ ‪continuously with dark energy. Those who‬ ‪create this power can go to other globes‬ ‪and even to other galaxies. and human can‬ ‪live without death.‬ ‪Body needs more durations for travel to‬ ‪other globes. When god created galaxy‬ ‪at infinity amounts. he gave long life for‬ ‪human and we can benefit from this factor.‬

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