Ab­dul-Ma­lik Badred­din: We man­aged to thwart ma­jor threat to Ye­men’s se­cu­rity

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Leader of Ye­men’s An­sarul­lah (Houthi) move­ment, Ab­dul-Ma­lik Badred­din, says the move­ment has man­aged to thwart a ma­jor threat to the coun­try’s se­cu­rity by de­feat­ing the plot hatched by former pres­i­dent, Ali Ab­dul­lah Saleh, and his forces.

He added that de­spite his early pre­tense about be­ing op­posed to the House of Saud regime ag­gres­sion, Saleh fi­nally changed course and took sides with the ag­gres­sors.

Not­ing that ev­ery­body was taken by sur­prise by Saleh’s sud­den change of course, Ab­dul-Ma­lik Badred­din noted that the fight­ing in the cap­i­tal Sana’a in past days had wor­ried peo­ple about se­cu­rity and unity in the coun­try.

Af­ter they re­vealed their new po­si­tion, Ab­dul-Ma­lik said, we asked them to stop their war­mon­ger­ing and crim­i­nal ac­tiv­i­ties and told them this was the wrong course that they had taken.

Not­ing that re­cent po­si­tions taken by Saleh were openly in fa­vor of Ye­men’s en­e­mies, the leader of An­sarul­lah said Saleh’s po­si­tions, which were backed by a united me­dia front of the en­e­mies even took mem­bers of his own party by sur­prise.

Ab­dul-Ma­lik Badred­din said there was co­or­di­na­tion be­tween Saleh’s mili­tia and the Saudi regime-led coali­tion, which pro­vided them with air sup­port in or­der to con­quer Sana’a and end the war in Ye­men in their fa­vor.

He added that the ag­gres­sor forces also im­posed a tight block­ade on the Ye­meni peo­ple in or­der to un­der­mine the na­tion’s re­sis­tance and pave the way for vic­tory of Saleh’s forces.

Ab­dul-Ma­lik Badred­din noted that the Mus­lim peo­ple of Ye­men and their re­sis­tance and sup­port for the An­sarul­lah fight­ers were the main fac­tors that helped Ye­meni forces defuse ag­gres­sors’ con­spir­acy.

Re­fer­ring to the fail­ure of ef­forts made by the House of Saud regime and its al­lies, in­clud­ing the United States and Bri­tain, he said, “They are con­sumed by their anger and we tell them die of your own anger,” be­cause what­ever you do will make the Ye­meni na­tion more re­sis­tant and vig­i­lant.

Ab­dul-Ma­lik Badred­din stated that de­spite all en­e­mies’ plots, the Ye­meni na­tion will con­tinue to be­come more re­sis­tant and stronger, and other en­e­mies must learn a les­son from the fail­ure of Saleh’s plot in Sana’a.

The war launched by Saleh’s mili­tia was, in fact, con­tin­u­a­tion of the war launched by the Saudi regime and the United Arab Emi­rates (UAE) against Ye­men and this was proven through pro­vi­sion of air sup­port and other forms of as­sis­tance for Saleh’s mili­tias by the Saudi regime-led coali­tion.

He also called on all po­lit­i­cal forces in Ye­men to re­main united and form a sin­gle front to de­fend the coun­try’s free­dom and in­de­pen­dence and de­feat the en­emy’s plots.

He em­pha­sized that the An­sarul­lah con­sid­ered mem­bers of Saleh’s Gen­eral Peo­ple’s Congress (GPC) as their broth­ers, most of whom co­op­er­ated in de­fend­ing the coun­try against the ag­gres­sors.

Ab­dul-Ma­lik Badred­din warned against any act of re­tal­i­a­tion against mem­bers of the GPC, not­ing that An­sarul­lah move­ment would not al­low such moves, which seek to cre­ate rifts among the na­tion.

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