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A: OK class, so to­day we are go­ing to con­tinue with our anatomy class, to­day we will re­view ev­ery­thing we have learned. Can any­one tell me what the first ma­jor or­gan is?

B: The brain!

A: That’s right the brain! It serves as a con­trol cen­ter for the body, han­dling the pro­cesses of the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem as well as cog­ni­tion. Then what ma­jor or­gan is in our chest?

B: The heart!

A: Very good! It pumps blood through­out the body, us­ing the cir­cu­la­tory sys­tem such as blood ves­sels and veins. Now let’s not for­get that our lungs pro­vide oxy­gen to our heart and body to keep us alive! Now what about the or­gans that help us di­gest food?

B: The stom­ach and in­testines!

A: Very good! Let’s not for­get that the stom­ach is the one that breaks down our food and our in­testines process that food and then ex­pel the waste. Are we for­get­ting any­thing? B: Yeah! Our kid­neys, liver and blad­der!

A: Oh yes, you are right. Very im­por­tant or­gans in­deed. B: So what do these or­gans do teacher?

A: Well, umm, they... Time for a break! We can talk about it when you get back. Key vo­cab­u­lary anatomy: the trunk of the body from the neck to the ab­domen or­gan: a group­ing of tis­sues into a dis­tinct struc­ture e.g. heart brain: an or­gan en­closed in the skull that con­trols and co­or­di­nates the body. con­trol: the abil­ity to di­rect the ac­tions of some­thing process: a planned se­ries of steps or ac­tions that leads to some­thing chest: the front of the body, from neck to the waist heart: an or­gan in the chest that pumps blood pump: to sup­ply, to cir­cu­late blood: the fluid that cir­cu­lates in the body lung: body part that in in­flates with air and al­lows breath­ing oxy­gen: a gas that we breath in or­der to live di­gest: to swal­low and dis­solve some­thing stom­ach: the or­gan peo­ple use to di­gest food ex­pel: to re­lease some­thing Sup­ple­men­tary vo­cab­u­lary skull: the bony frame­work of the head, en­clos­ing the brain and sup­port­ing the face em­balm: to treat a dead body so as to pre­serve it, as with chem­i­cals, drugs spine: back­bone of the body

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