Sig­nal from star be­ing de­stroyed at su­per­mas­sive black hole’s event

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“It is very hard, the Spin of a Black hole limit, as the Spin ef­fects oc­cur only very close to the hole it­self, where the grav­ity is ex­tremely strong and it is hard to get a clear view”, ex­plains Pasham, in a com­mu­ni­ca­tion to the European space Agency ESA. A black hole is a col­lapsed star with a core so dense that it has near-unimag­in­able grav­i­ta­tional power.

Now re­searchers at MIT and else­where have pored through data from mul­ti­ple tele­scopes’ ob­ser­va­tions of the event, and dis­cov­ered a cu­ri­ously in­tense, sta­ble, and pe­ri­odic pulse, or sig­nal, of X-rays, across all datasets.

The crumbs left over from a su­per­mas­sive black hole’s re­cent meal have al­lowed sci­en­tists to cal­cu­late the mon­ster’s ro­ta­tion rate, and the re­sults are mind-bog­gling.

Astronomers back in 2014 were search­ing the night sky for some­thing cool and found what they were look­ing for.

This artist’s im­pres­sion shows hot gas or­bit­ing in a disk around a rapidly-spin­ning black hole.

This is how Diego Sime­one re­acted to Al­varo Mo­rata ru­mours Chelsea have four of­fers on their ta­ble for Al­varo Mo­rata, who is de­ter­mined to leave the club in the Jan­uary trans­fer win­dow . Chelsea striker Al­varo Mo­rata has surely been one of the big­gest flops that the Blues fans have seen in re­cent years.

Astronomers found ev­i­dence that the corona of a black hole is what drives its evo­lu­tion. The black hole was a buzz saw, spin­ning fast enough to stretch the star into a ro­tat­ing ring around the black hole’s event hori­zon, the point be­yond which not even light can es­cape.

“That’s not su­per fast - there are other Black holes whose Spin is es­ti­mated to be close to 99 per­cent of the speed of light”, ex­plains Pasham.

“There have al­ready been mea­sure­ments of spins from black holes that are ac­tively ac­cret­ing”, or ac­quir­ing more mat­ter un­der the in­flu­ence of grav­ity, the study’s first au­thor Dheeraj Pasham, Ein­stein Post­doc­toral Fel­low at the MIT Kavli In­sti­tute, told Giz­modo.

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