Buy­ing a Cam­era

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A: Hello, ma’am, can I help you find some­thing?

B: Yes, ac­tu­ally I’m look­ing to buy a cam­era.

A: We’ve got a wide se­lec­tion do you know if you’d like a

point-and-shoot, or some­thing a lit­tle fancier? Are you shop­ping for your­self or for some­one else?

B: Ac­tu­ally I’m buy­ing a cam­era for my hus­band.

A: Ah, well then I’d rec­om­mend a nice en­try-level dig­i­tal SLR. B: Yeah? Can I take a look at the SLRs you carry?

A: Sure thing, fol­low me. This here is the.

B: The Canon Eos. Yeah it’s ok, but I’m look­ing for some­thing that per­forms bet­ter in low light, has a bet­ter dis­play panel, and longer bat­tery life.

A: Oh, ah, um, the Nikon D60 is a nice op­tion.

B: Yeah, but what kit lens does this cam­era come with? I don’t want some bulky tele­photo lens.

A: Oh, well this one has the, uh.

B: Looks to me like an 18-55mm lens. pretty stan­dard, that will do. Not like my hus­band will be stalk­ing celebri­ties or any­thing!

A: So, ahem, can I in­ter­est you in any acc...

B: Ac­ces­sories? Do you carry po­lar­iz­ing fil­ters?

A: Po­lar­iz­ing fil­ter um we should! I’m sorry, ma’am. looks like we’re sold out.

B: No you’re not! There are some right here!

A: Oh, well, would you look at that! Po-la-ri-zing fil­ters. B: Thanks for your help, Ralph!

A: No prob­lem, ma’am.

■ Key vo­cab­u­lary point and shoot: any com­pact non-SLR cam­era with non­in­ter­change­able lenses, us­ing au­to­matic set­tings and sim­pli­fied con­trols. Gen­er­ally de­sired by novices and ca­sual users en­try level: sim­ple and ap­pro­pri­ate to an in­ex­pe­ri­enced per­son lens: a trans­par­ent op­ti­cal de­vice used to con­verge or di­verge trans­mit­ted light and to form im­ages in­ter­est some­one in: try to per­suade some­one to buy, do, or eat some­thing po­lar­iz­ing fil­ter: a cam­era lens fil­ter used to con­trol the plane of po­lar­iza­tion of light en­ter­ing the lens

■ Sup­ple­men­tary vo­cab­u­lary tri­pod: a three-legged stand for a cam­era fil­ter: a lens screen of dyed ge­latin or glass for con­trol­ling color or for di­min­ish­ing the in­ten­sity of light ex­po­sure: the process of light hit­ting a pho­to­sen­si­tive sur­face, such as film or a dig­i­tal image sen­sor shut­ter: a me­chan­i­cal de­vice for open­ing and clos­ing the aper­ture of a cam­era lens to ex­pose film wide an­gle lens: a lens which has a wide cov­er­age an­gle so it can take in a great deal of scene, usu­ally any lens shorter than 42mm

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